Voices all day long again

they tell me i dont know where im going and im going to hell. How can it be that god would send people to hell to get tortured for eternity and never be aloud into heaven. We all make mistakes in life, and some people do really bad things but i dont want to believe that people go to hell. I dont want to go to hell but they keep telling me that. But i keep telling them i dont believe them and all they say is Im sorry. Normal people really dont know how hard having schizophrenia is. It is so dibilitating, it just crushes you…


Is this a recent thing? Perhaps a small increase in your medication or a change in medication would positively affect you, your voices are just hallucinations, they don’t know your worth, they are just bits of thoughts in your brain running amuck you are religious and this is not a thing against religion, but it seems to occupy a lot of room in your head, so the thoughts are working with whats already there and running with it.

You aren’t a bad person, these voices don’t have any authority on who you are or what makes you special.

i take my meds im on 4.5 risperdal, i dont t think more medication is gonna help. Its been like this a long time i cant get rid of them, im so tired of it

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