I cant sleep the voices beat me up bad today

all day long telling me i dont know where im going, which i know they mean hell, calling me the devil and demon and they also tell me i had a girlfriend in heaven but now shes having sex with another guy and im gonna lose her forever. Really i just dont want to care anymore, ive been trying to just ignor it and let them say what ever they are going to say but i go back and talk to them. I cant talk to them in my head i hear my voice without speaking. All day long, im just tired of it, wish it would just stop…


Hey, I’m really sorry to hear this. These kind of voices and thoughts are so painful. Do you have meds prescribed, and are you taking the correct dose? Maybe let your doc know what is going on ASAP, you shouldn’t have to go through this.

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Sometimes when my delusions get bad like that, I remember it’s not the things that are happening in my head that are the issue, but the feelings they are evoking. Do you feel the same way about different things that have happened in your life? It might be a good time to honour those feelings and feel okay for feeling them.

Even so, please call your therapist or pshrink when you can and let them know. It is so painful to be terrorised like that, and we all know how you feel. You are not alone in this struggle.

Did something happen, or do you think it’s your meds?


i take my meds everyday 4.5 mg of risperdal. Im good about taking them but still the voices are bad. I didnt sleep last night, All night long it wouldnt stop

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I’m so sorry that’s happening.
I know what that’s like.


That sounds horrible! I, too, suffer with voices from time to time, but my symptoms are mostly visual. When I do deal with voices, they’d tell me I’m going to hell and that my friends and family can’t stand me and to just kill myself. There were other things they’d say too. What helped me overcome it is that I just happen to be very familiar with bible scriptures. Things the voices would say wouldn’t even line up with what scriptures say. Once I got a handle on what was really going on, I realized the voices themselves were harmless as long as I didn’t listen and harm myself. I tried to just imagine them as demons telling me lies and trying to break my spirit. I got rebellious and told them, “If you are going to try to quote scriptures, get your facts right you dumba$$”. :rofl: For me, it was helpful to assign them as demons trying to hurt me because it helped me be strong and know everything they were saying were lies. Regardless if we are creating the voices ourselves, it’s like the voices’ entire goal is to break us down, so we need to consciously be aware of that. When they see that it is working, it just continues. I was lucky that when I rebelled and called their bluff every time they opened their mouth, they started leaving me alone for longer periods of time. Sometimes months go by before they come back. But giving them an assigned identity helped me. I chose demons because it goes in line with my visual hallucinations, so that may not work for everyone. The goal is to assign someone/something whose mission would be to hurt you with LIES. But it is “very important” that you still know the distinction that you are only “assigning” it as them (almost like a role playing exercise) and know it’s not really whoever you decide to assign to it in reality. When I tried to look at it as it’s just my own mind, it didn’t have the same affect when trying to rebel against it. I needed an external source to assign it to. Not sure it’ll work for everyone, so you may or may not find this helpful. :woman_shrugging:t3:


I experience the constant dialogue of these entities putting me down calling me terrible names and saying I am a demon/devil as well. I try my best to get through each day, but it is a constant struggle :tired_face:


If that was happening to me then I’d consider clozapine.

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I been starting that. Ran out of medication. Now I appreciate what it does more. Had a bad day like the poster. It had been working some. I got to get a refill prescription. It is better than this, I think.


The voices and hallucinations take my feelings of security. Sometimes i don’t feel safe and can’t sleep. In these times i watch myself going slowly insane. Glad i am not homeless so far cause i wouldn’t feel secure at all. Good i still got my familiar 4 walls, but being locked up with my demons. I don’t know.

I can relate on so many levels to what you have mentioned. Please know you are not alone with what you are going through! :blossom:

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thank you…

Of course! One of the best things about this site is to be able to support each other through what we are going through, so I try my best to do that. :blue_heart:

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