Voices tell you your going to hell and there's nothing you can do about it

Does any one have voices telling them that they are going to hell forever?

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How long have you been hearing these voices?
What else do they tell you

Yeah I used to get told I was going to hell forever. Now they almost always say I’m going to heaven, very rarely do they mention hell anymore. They got a lot nicer over the years since they started. I don’t know if I believe in either one, but being told you’re going to heaven sure beats being told you’re going to hell.

I really don’t think you have anything to worry about, it would be poor practice to banish people to hell just because they have schizophrenia. If it helps, just remind yourself that there are children with schizophrenia who are being told the same thing, and it certainly can’t be true for them. They’re innocent at that age. So really it’s just a hallucination you should try not to take seriously.

I’m sorry you’re getting these types of voices, I hope they either get nicer or go away soon. Did you ever start on any medicine and if so is it helping?


I’m still being told I’m going to be tortured after death forever, but the voice also says there is something I can do about it. It says my schizophrenia isn’t a real schizophrenia, and that I should escape from that condition somehow, but they are not allowed tell me how to escape from it. I don’t see any way to escape from my schizophrenia.

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At the age of 13, demons started harassing me, telling me that I was a child of Satans. They told me that no matter what I claimed to believe or what I did that I belonged to the devil and had no hope of escaping my destiny of hell, etc.
It wasn’t true, it isn’t true, it will never be true. But it has made me suffer over the years. As I’ve grown older I’m not attacked like I used to be, and I know it’s lies that I don’t need to worry about anyway.


They used to make me feel that way, but they’ve been a little more friendly here lately, hang in there!

By reducing my brain inflammation with medication, supplements and diet, I’ve had much nicer experiences with my voices at night, when I’d still hear them. They would actually say things like “heaven” since it was much easier to keep my mind-state positive.

Now I only hear very quiet voices when I play a certain repeating prayer song (called a “simran”,) or whenever I eat junk food (like during these holidays.)

During diet induced flareups I don’t have that grounded feeling of being confident of my future.


My voices always told me that all kinds of horrible things were going to come to pass. None of it came to pass at all. That’s because the voices aren’t real and have no power over you at all. They can’t affect your future one iota. You need to start ignoring them and get on with your day. If you keep winding yourself up over them the way you are now, you’ll never have meaningful recovery.

Your choice.


Same here being told the same things that my condition isn’t real and I am going to hell

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This is all because they say that I smoke

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They tell me there the illumunati and archons and iam the weakest being ever

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Whenever I forget a major injury and only feel the pain, I think I’m being punished when actually it was an incompetent adult who caused the problem. Learning that it is nothing I did or deserved can help. But the fear and mistrust is, unfortunately, about real people, not voices. That is even scarier than voices.

I don’t have voices telling me I’m going to Hell, but I believe I am anyway and that there’s nothing I can do about it.

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This may sound crazy but maybe being nice to the voices, playing with them, and throwing in a few jokes might eventually help make them more livable. Unfortunately for that to work for me I still had to take my meds.

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