Vivid dreams

Sometimes when I sleep I have really strange dreams, really vivid dreams, do you have this problem?

I once took Chantix to help me quit smoking. I had incredibly vivid dreams while on it. I really enjoyed it and would take Chantix just for the dreams alone. :smile:

I’m a smoker one of the major side effect of the nicotine patches is severe vivid dreams, So when I’m trying to quit my dreams are beyond weird. So normal vivid dreams don’t really bother me. If you can write them down some tdocs like you to keep record and helps them a lot to help you. It’s cool sometimes to have a record if you start have recurring dreams also. I also tend to look up the meaning at

When I’m intensely angry I have disturbing dreams.

Vivid dreams come when I’m very upset about something.

Personally I do not like these vivid dreams.

I rarely ever remember my dreams these days and when I do they are more often than not about substance use.

But yes I’ve had vivid ones in the past. There was one nightmare I had ages ago in which I was being eaten alive by a giant machine. I woke up sweating and in panic after having crawled away legless in the dream. Yikes!

I guess I also used to have dreams in my teens about a zombie emerging from the grave to follow me everywhere just pointing at me…Yikes!

But not all my dreams have been so scary and gruesome. I’ve had good vivid dreams as well. Just tend to remember the awful ones.