Schizophrenia Dreams

Hello, when i’m sleeping at night i dream all kinds of weird stuff. The dreams sometimes are constant, dream after dream after dream. Up to 10 dreams a night until i wake up. I do not remember the dreams but during the night my voices remind me of them. They tell me what happened in my dreams, then i remember it.

My psychiatrist has no idea why this is happening and said he has never ever had a patient with this problem.

Whats wrong with me?

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I experience incredible dreams. They grow evermore vivid. I experience a wide variety of pain & pleasure too, though, while in sleep states.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with intense dreaming. It’s completely natural for the brain to be more active when it is trying to recover from something.

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Is this is normal for Shizo patients? How come my doctor didn’t know anything about this?

What medication are you on? Funny dreams could be a side effect.

Invega 150MG, Zopiclone(Sleep drug) and Champix(quit smoking drug)

I just googled ‘champix dreams’ and got quite a few hits about vivid dreams. When did the vivid dreams start?

Dreams started 1 month before Champix.

My voices harass me so much its gotten to the point where i dream weird stuff, then voices wake me up and keep me awake for 20 mins so that i remember the dream and then they let me go back to sleep. This happens 1-2 times a night sometimes.

What happened 1 month before taking champix? Did you quit smoking or start/stop taking any medication?

Also I get weird dreams if I don’t take my antipsychotic (abilify) at the same time every day. Are you taking your AP at the same time every day?

Nothing happened. I just started dreaming, not even sure when it started. I take a Injection 1’s monthly.

My nurse said if i have Schizophrenia then when i go to sleep my brain turns off and voices stop. But that doesn’t happen, the voices remain active and talking and showing me images(Hallucinations continue).

That doesn’t sound like fun. How long had you been on invega when it started? It definitely sounds like a med related problem but if your doctor doesn’t know, then I certainly don’t.

Are you on any thing else?!

I’ve been on Invega for years and never had this problem.

I’m taking Invega, Zopiclone, Champix & Metformin

Metformin could be the cause

It could be Metformin. My doctor told me to stop taking it so well see.

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it sounds like ’ normal ’ dreaming…not everything is down to mental illness.
sometimes it is just our subconsious working through our myriad of ’ problems ’ .
take care :alien:

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