Vitamins/supplements for schizophrenia symptoms

Hello all! I am new to the forums and was wondering if were good vitamins or supplements that would help with my symptoms. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve read from several people around the web that sarcosine can help. It’s not a cure or anything, but supposedly it can sort of take the edge off, so to speak, with psychosis and depression in some people. I recently got my order and started taking 2 grams per day, I mix it with my morning coffee. Fingers crossed.

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ashwaganda is good for anxiety and depression

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give up sugar it can help a lot


There are a number of vitamins that have helped some with SZ, but what might work for you depends on what symptoms you have. And how much you might need to take depends on how long you’ve had SZ. Coming from a position of knowing nothing about your situation, I would recommend B-Complex.
There are many types of B-Complex. As a first guess you might want to try one of the best balanced B-Complexes:
Vitacost B-Complex with Cultured Nutrients & Organic Food
This is a one of the high quality B Complex pills with a good amount of B3 and B12, the right type of B9, Calcium and even some B8. However it has very little B6, so if you need B6, then this would fall short there. And if you’ve had SZ for many years, then you’ll probably need much more Vitamin B than B-Complex has.
For example, my brother has had SZ symptoms for 37 years, so his B3 deficiency was 5 grams. His B12 deficiency was 60mg. His B8 deficiency was 9 grams, and his TMG deficiency was 6 grams.
When he first tried vitamins after having SZ for 1 year, he was still deficient, but no where near where he was years later of course.
The B8 and TMG are very good for anxiety/OCD and depression.

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mozart4646’s comment is well put. If you’re looking into vitamins, then you need to be looking at your diet too. What you eat and drink will greatly affect your body’s balance and what vitamins your body has to work with.

I picked up a B Complex vitamin today and look forward to using it.

Hi! There’s a ton of info on the schizophrenia main website about just this topic!

The site lists sarcosine, serine, melatonin, d-alanine, and some others. I’ll link to it for you.

Personally, I take sarcosine and I’m lovin’ it. My mood is better, but better than that, I don’t space out like I used to, or lose track of time, or forget what I was doing!

vitamins and supplements as complementary treatment list here on schizophrenia dot com

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Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your assistance.

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Like @Turnip says, they’re not a cure, but they can take the edge off. My favourite is 300mg of l-theanine and a bcomplex .

I was not aware of that one. I will have to look into it. Thank you.

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I am the spouse and caregiver of my hubby with sz. I have two rather long winded posts about his supplements if you are interested posted on the pinned sacosine thread.
For the moment he is using the following :
B3 3000 mgs a day
Fish oil 3000 mgs a day
B6 600 twice daily
L theanine 1200 mgs daily
Vitamin c 1500 mgs daily

Sacosine was met with failure twice due what is called serine excess. Meaning he has enough so caused more issues than good.

NAC was tried on three separate occasions with similar results. Both caused possible psychotic issues and extreme aggravation with him.

He has low vitamin b levels causing pellgra which is low or not enough of the b vitamins. Schizophrenia tends to leech out those vitamins especially during psychosis.

He is still suffering from depression so we will be introducing St. JOHN’S wort soon.

We are slowly starting a gluten free diet which early research shows can help with symptoms. Also, he is gluten sensitive.

Currently, he is med free.

He goes to therapy weekly during cognitive behavioural therapy.

I have bags of information on the science behind all this. Welcome to pm me.

I believe that it is going to a tailored approach to everyone’s unique symptoms to provide much needed relief, but, he is doing well.


Thank you very much for the information. One thing i am learning is that there is a ton of supportive people on this forum. How do i know if i am vitamin deficient?

My p-doc recommended fish oil and 500 to 1,000 IU’s of vitamin D which do help. I also take some pro-biotics.

My hubby found he was vitamin deficient because he went to the doctor and asked to have his vitamin levels checked. I have a background in biochemistry and read some on the possible connection between vitamin deficient issues with schizophrenia. Turns out he was low in the B vitamins.

He,also, takes Vitamin D, 5000 mgs daily and will drop that down during the warmer,sunny months as he works outside.


Vitamin B8 (Inositol) and TMG might help with the depression

I take a complete multivitamin + an omega 3,6,9 + calcium supplement with vitamin D.

5 htp is an excellent supplement for curbing bad moods and anxiety. Wouldn’t take it regularly as it will cause your brain to make less on your own.

It’s also important what you don’t do. Caffeine is horrible at propping up the “psychotic focus”. Alcohol can lead to all sorts of depletion and psychotic states. Nicotine props up this dopaminergic need for constant consumption. Anything beyond those is likely illegal due to the risk of it messing up people’s lives/minds. Its tough but stay away from all that when you can.

I’d avoid sugar as well.

Homeopathy and mega-dosing vitamins has failed time and time again. If you want to get a bottle of B vitamins and see how it goes, feel free, but don’t get disappointed. The body just flushes out what it doesn’t need.

Lean meats and fiber. A good source of other carbs for energy. (Pasta). If you take the regiment above its all you need.

Fruit is BS. Fructose is a crappy replacement for sucrose. Veggies have better dietary fiber, but you can get most of the good stuff (cellulose) from whole grain sources. Whole wheat bread, tortillas. Oats are cheap.

Cinnamon is basically a tree bark. It’s ridiculously fibrous. Goes well with the oat-meal. Also uncooked oats with a probiotic yogurt is good for you.

Stay away from greasy fast foods.

I love cheese. I don’t care that its the worst element of my diet. It has a good amount of calcium. It’s also high in fat, but its not too bad to have some fat coming in.

Vitamin C tablets are good to have on hand as well. Curbs sore-throats and colds.

Unfortunately regarding Sz no vitamin is really going to help you out. The omega’s are good for the brain though. Serotonin helps with memory (hope its not traumatic).


I takked to my caregiver Friday about a vitamin b blood check. I should hear back this week.

Good idea. I’m curious what the test results will say.

We are going to try that here pretty soon. St. John’s Wort will interact too much with his other things.