If you could only take 3 vitamins and supplements what would they be?

I would choose Sarcosine, Bacopa, and Fish Oil. Sarcosine helps with schizophrenia symptoms. Bacopa helps with my mood. Fish Oil helps with bad thoughts.

Fish oils and vitamin D only
I don’t believe in other supplements

Sounds good to me shelly.

I’d take omega-3 and Vitamin D, mostly because I tend to get low on Vitamin D. I’d also want to try Sarcosine because I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

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I’m not a big believer in supplements. I’ve tried many to no effect. Perhaps melatonin if I ever get sleep problems again. I like apple cider vinegar too.

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L theanine,multi b vitamin in one,and niacin.

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Magnesium (for nerves)

Q10 (for skin and muscles)

Potassium( cause my test said i dont have enough)

This is really helping me. Just curious what others think are the most important supplements are.

@Berru, When I take Sarcosine I feel normal for a couple of minutes. I don’t experience any schizophrenic symptoms. I just started taking it to, so it should be working longer and longer.

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CBD (I’m not sure how it truly effects schizophrenia because I take other things), L-theanine (because it chills me out), and B-vitamins complex (because I like them).

BACOPA really messed my stomach up and caused stomach aches for weeks.

I just looked up CBD and I guess that has something to do with Cannabis. My stomach is fine with Bacopa.

Vitamin D and Iron and also a multivitamin. I would consider a multivitamin with iron and add fish oil instead. I’d like to get back on fish oil now that you brought this up.

@Hop3, a lot of people find fish oil important it seems. Can someone explain why they like it so much. I just put that I have less bad thoughts with it. It’s weird I have a disturbing thought then I’ll see a baby or something that’s peaceful. I really think it’s the fish oil giving me those peaceful thoughts.

fish oil

Is there a probiotic out there that makes you less hungry? @kindness

Probiotics provide healthy gut bacteria.

Protein and fiber will decrease your appetite.

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thanks @kindness

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Sarcosine, vitamin d - doctors orders, melatonin

It’s supposed to be really good for the brain and heart. It is said to improve mood and blood pressure too. It’s likely it has helped you in the ways you think it has.

thanks, @Hop3