Vitamin D help

Can vitamin D help schizophrenia symptoms?


vitamin b complex might help…don no about D…

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I found this study:

Maybe vitamin D decrease negative symptoms.

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I take vitamin D everyday with breakfast and I’m not having an easy time with schizophrenia at the moment, so based on my experience I would say no, it doesn’t help.

BTW It’s been a while since I’ve seen you on the forum, how have you been?

I think vitamin D helps with lethargy and depression. Vitamin B complex also helps with energy levels and cognition. That’s what I’ve heard.

Vitamin D hasn’t helped me, but people with different forms of sz might benefit from taking it.

I take vitamin D supplement for a deficiency, and it helps with my depression alot sometimes. I’ve been doing better with it I feel.

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I was doing ok keeping busy with volunteer work then I got two colds and got stuck in felt a bit depressed
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Vitamin D2 wouldn’t do much for me. But Vitamin D3 does a lot, as I understand it. The doctor prescribes such for me, and I take it religiously.


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I’ve heard that D3 helps a lot.