Visual hallucinations?

Very similar to what happened to me leading up to psychosis. I took a lot of LSD and those are similar hallucinations to what I had. After I quit taking LSD the visual hallucinations didn’t stop. One day it was like a switch went off in my head and the visual hallucinations stopped but turned to auditory instead. It just kept getting worse and worse. I thought after I stopped drugs it would go away but it didn’t.

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Wow your hallucinations are indepth, I generally see more things in my minds eye, other than pentagrams coming at me havent seen fullblown hallucinations where my sight sees something thats not there

I’m glad it’s not as in depth for you tho that is still ruff stuff having to live with any of it. But yea it’s hard t cypher realiy alotta times. It is good t know ur not the only one with visual hallucinations. I haven’t met anyone with it as in-depth as mine tho there must be others that have it this intense idk… and iv always been resistant t treatment so I just keep to myself to hel keep things figured out. I hope the best for you MisterCrowley and everyone having to live with imaginary people and things or alternate realities that we don’t get t choose. I’m pulling for us all

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Did they try you on Clozapine they usually do when your treatment resistent and very often that works. I’ve been symptom free for a year now and hoping to stay that way. I respond very well to meds and have zero positive or negative symptoms. If it wasnt for having to be on the meds people would say I am not schzophrenic.

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Wow that’s amazing!! I can’t even imagine what that’s like. That’s so awesome! I have been on that yes. And that doesn’t work either. The only thing they haven’t tried are injections and brain implants… So I’m just keeping to myself in my cave lol but keep it up man I hope many more have those same results as you have! That’s so awesome!!

That sounds like it must be truly terrifying to experience. I have never had visual or tactile hallucinations, knock on wood. The idea frightens me a lot more than audio hallucinations for some reason.

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I haven’t driven since 2007 I’m so afraid of something like that happening. I’m so glad you’re ok! @Kin

To me the auditory hallucinations scare me most.

When I went to bed the other night I was getting a few(not so many) random visual hallucinations wen my eyes were c losed. One I remember was some vibrating cartoon boobs :unamused:

It’s not fun anymore when it’s not on command, right? Sometimes I wish I had never done it. @Wantsome480

They are very subtle thou and quick flashes of images.

I’m so sorry your hallucinations are so intense. I’m afraid to watch horror movies because I’m afraid if they’re in my subconscious they’ll surface into my psychosis. You are really living thought it. can I pray for you @MadKatt

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My simple hallucinations are very similar, the ones you call true too. My complex ones are different though, I see faces in woodgrain and crumpled sheets, my visual awareness of what is around me goes away and I see very strange things play out, kind of hard to describe. One time I was trying to talk to a staff member in the hospital and she was looking over the top of my head when she was talking to me, and as she spoke I could see what I thought she was seeing, my head opened and displayed holograms of glowing light displaying what was in my mind like files and she was looking through them, all beautiful colors. There’s more but that one is a more pleasant one. @Ooorgle

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I stay away from horror/violent movies also for this same reason!

What did me in was my 2.5 year marijuana habit ---- I became scared and insecure then my voices started …


I don’t get many visuals these days. Usually I see images of people that aren’t real… just spontaneously created photographs that are very detailed. Rarely I’ll get violent imagery late at night. Back when I was on seroquel years ago I had powerful behind-the-eyelid hallucinations, including several where I was watching someone play a video game, or moving through a tunnel of super-mario style bricks. I also had a minecraft hallucination and one of a flock of doves.

I don’t hallucinate when on meds. Without I have visual hallucinations of a big red devil watching me in my room when I am alone, he touches me sometimes. When I am around ppl, I see Jesus flying and speaking to me. I also see my mother calling me as a hallucination. I experienced formication, tingling and olfactory hallucinations like smelling gas and bread. Once I was hallucinating that it was snowing inside my room while it wasn’t, my mom said I am loosing it and I need to go to the hospital.
I have nightmares without meds, I dreamed that I was chased by a big black bear and that he ate my head. The worst thing that hallucinations did to me was when Jesus told me to swallow a whole Tylenol bottle to kill my self because I am an immortal God that goes straight to heaven and I did it!

I vomited multiple times on my way to the hospital and doctors told my mom that if they brought me late to the hospital I would be dead because my liver was going to be completely damaged. I still have liver pain from time to time especially when I eat fat and dairy products. I am only 30 y.o and that happened when I was 21 y.o. but my symptoms started when I was 16-17 y.o.

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Most of my hallucinations since becoming stable are visual. There can be shadows walking around or images right in front of my face, usually my cat or my dog. I see geometric patterns moving in and out, changing shape and color, or I see things flying around my face (like gnats or bugs). I also see people’s faces distorted and sometimes shadow forces crowding my field of vision. I also get derealization where everything looks surreal or changes tint.

I just realized how stupid that sounded, but trust me, it used to be much worse.