Visual hallucinations?

Very similar to what happened to me leading up to psychosis. I took a lot of LSD and those are similar hallucinations to what I had. After I quit taking LSD the visual hallucinations didn’t stop. One day it was like a switch went off in my head and the visual hallucinations stopped but turned to auditory instead. It just kept getting worse and worse. I thought after I stopped drugs it would go away but it didn’t.

Wow your hallucinations are indepth, I generally see more things in my minds eye, other than pentagrams coming at me havent seen fullblown hallucinations where my sight sees something thats not there

I’m glad it’s not as in depth for you tho that is still ruff stuff having to live with any of it. But yea it’s hard t cypher realiy alotta times. It is good t know ur not the only one with visual hallucinations. I haven’t met anyone with it as in-depth as mine tho there must be others that have it this intense idk… and iv always been resistant t treatment so I just keep to myself to hel keep things figured out. I hope the best for you MisterCrowley and everyone having to live with imaginary people and things or alternate realities that we don’t get t choose. I’m pulling for us all

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Did they try you on Clozapine they usually do when your treatment resistent and very often that works. I’ve been symptom free for a year now and hoping to stay that way. I respond very well to meds and have zero positive or negative symptoms. If it wasnt for having to be on the meds people would say I am not schzophrenic.

Wow that’s amazing!! I can’t even imagine what that’s like. That’s so awesome! I have been on that yes. And that doesn’t work either. The only thing they haven’t tried are injections and brain implants… So I’m just keeping to myself in my cave lol but keep it up man I hope many more have those same results as you have! That’s so awesome!!