What kind of hallucinations do you guys have?

I see snakes when i hallucinate and some times when i close my eyes to sleep i see
snakes.But its getting better it doesn’t happen as much now.What do you guys hallucinate?

I hear voices never saw anything before

Last relapse shadow figures were latching onto strangers faces whilst I was walking down the street and they were being possessed and started yelling at me. It was pretty scary.

Same here, just voices no hallucinations

once upon a time i only heard voices but after i started taking my medicine i started seeing things

I see and talk to people that aren’t really there totally realistic has only happened a handful of times. My phone calls get distorted by things I add into the conversation,or after a conversation in person or on the phone. These things only happened when I’m really sick and unmedicated. Usually I only have delusions. But everything goes away with meds

I pretty much see stuff scarier than a horror movie when things are bad.

When things are good I see benign things like bunnies, gargoyles, bats, the shadow man. Stuff that just startles me but doesn’t frighten me in ant way.

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I see demons and gremlin things everywhere I see other things but they aren’t scary

I don’t have visual hallucinations. I have inserted thoughts. In my mind, I see horribly violent things along with paranoia that I am going to be tortured. Sometimes, I have ‘visions’ of peace in my brain, a beautiful world and financial abundance.

Today, I had violent images and paranoia

I get thought insertion and voices. Both caused by Alien the man in my head. But I never saw him or anything else. Maybe movement from the corner of my eye but when I looked there was nothing there.

I get neon colors like a lava lamp sometimes. But always have many dots of neon and bright light and black, I get fractles and sometimes things will melt. Mostly faces melt. Or I will get a melting sensation as if I’m melting. I’ve had to call people in multiple psycosi because I had an itch they weren’t actually there.

My hallucinations were mostly just hearing voices. Sometimes I would see demons and the like trying to break through from some other dimension or something, could see them in wallpaper with patterns for example. so the patterns would move and become faces or spiders or whatever, but most of the time the visual ones was when under the influence of some drug or another.

I still get minor things like hearing muttering when I’m trying to sleep or seeing shadows of things moving around in the dark

I saw people and animals jumping in front of my car as I was driving. Once, my husband grew a monster head out of his regular head. One time, there was a green tiger in my bedroom. Mostly, I just hallucinate people standing around benignly.

Light orbs, light beams, light when eyes are closed.

Negative stuff like shadows, objects moving into other objects, houses moving, everything appearing to be wavy, and feeling like your vision is just a screen (like a tv)…

I have sooo many different kinds of hallucinations and they’ve changed throughout my life. Last night though I saw the objects on the windowsill change. First they became a nativity scene. I saw Mary standing over Jesus’ crib with her arm reached out to him. Joseph stood nearby against a wall, and a dog was jumping up on him. I asked Mary for help, what I should do about everything I’ve been struggling with. As I did this I saw the objects morph again into different things this time. Now it was an angel leaning protectively over a bed. Joseph became a dark shadowy figure and now the dog that had been playful was pinning it against the wall, stopping it. I felt that Mary’s message to me was that I was being protected, so not to worry about it.

I said thank you mentally to the angel and it’s head turned to look at me and it waved and nodded. The dog looked at me too and it had glowing eyes, was a bit unnerving. Then I became aware of how strange all this was and closed my eyes to sleep. Against the afterimage of the room was a pale boy child with black holes for eyes staring at me, he was standing in front of the angel scene. I laughed at it and told it they’d have to do more than those same old tricks to scare me now. Then I fell asleep.

As long as I take my meds, I am completely hallucination free. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. When I relapse, I see visions, and audible voices, and tactile and olfactory (smell), hallucinations.