Visual hallucinations still bad, but no longer delusional?

My geodon is at 80 mg 2x daily and still having near constant visuals. No longer feeling confused and paranoid though now. It’s very distracting, but some are fun. Maybe this is the best I’m gonna get. What do you think? What would you do?

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I have very rarely had scant visual hallucinations. Only a couple really. I dont have any experience with the medicine your using either.

But i had had auditory often before. It sounds like you’ve been using this one only a short time? If your able to deal with it ok, I would continue with what you doing now.

I would try using any medicine for a couple of months before making up my mind to switch.(if there is not side affects i can not deal with).

If you havent used this one long, then there might still be additional illness symptoms it will stop or at least decrease. I am pretty certain this slowish manner is how many medicines for MI work.

If there is something better tell yor doctor about what you said here. He may let you try something else if this one is not helping enough after a fair amount of time using it.

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Thank you for your reply! Yes, I’ve only been on it a few months and it may well help more as time goes. I will keep trying this one and tell her what I’ve said here.


As of late, I personally have been experiencing less delusions (at least I’m able to use logic and talk myself out of it) however I still visually hallucinate daily. I would rather have it this way, versus the other way around. My hallucinations aren’t too frightening, sometimes I’m excited as to what I’ll see next.

I do still bring it up with my doctor. Ideally for a medication to work for me I would hope that it would stop hallucinations as well. However medication is a very tricky thing. It can take literally YEARS to find a good balance of meds and a proper dose. I personally haven’t found a medication that works for me in five years, and I’ve tried countless pills.

Sorry if that’s depressing at all, what I’m trying to say is you have to take the good with the bad. I’m grateful that I’m not delusional right now, so I’ll take all the hallucinations I can get. At least I know they are just hallucinations and nothing is too gory or disturbing. Its probably my least hated symptom, if I had to choose.

So just try and stay positive.

I don’t see or hear things and I wouldn’t be able to cope if I did. But if it ever happens I’d probably have to try clozapine or something as I really wouldn’t be able to cope with visuals.

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