My medication stopped working, is this normal?

For the last month and a half I’ve had a continuous psychotic episode. My meds worked great for the past 4 years but for some reason they stopped working. I got my medicine switched over to geodon by my doctor but it’s not helping. This one is scaring me, it’s the same theme as my first psychotic episode only now I’m seeing blue and red everywhere. The voices are trying to convince me that I’m God and I’m trying my hardest to ignore these voices. Any suggestions?

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Talk to your doctor. Why haven’t you done so already? A month is a long time.

I did, he switched my medicine over to geodon and it only made this episode worse.

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I was on geodon when my first hallucinations hit. Invega works for me

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You sound like you’re in crisis. I’d talk to your doctor again and let him know that things aren’t working out.

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I will today. I’m just worried that no medicine will work now.


There are a lot of options for meds. Hopefully you’ll find one that helps soon.

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i was on plenty of meds like risperidone, abilify, fanapt, invega and invega sustenna none of them helped. please talk to your doctor

Talk to your doctor again, and say the Geodon is making you worse. That’s always a risk with new drugs. Every drug affects every person differently, so there’s no way to know if it will make you better, worse, or have no effect. You just have to keep trying. Different ones until something works. It’s a difficult process, but you’re being very proactive about reporting your symptoms. Don’t give up!

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Thank you all for your advice. What scares me this time is that I’m seeing red and blue everywhere together from shirts to tv to cars etc. My dad said he noticed the same thing except he doesn’t have mental health problems. This means it’s not a hallucination. Am I just paranoid?

geodon is a weaker ap, it also tends to poop out after a year or so.

Yes sometimes people experience meds just crapping out on them like that, who knows why. Geodon is a weird med…gave me hypomania and I’ve never had mania before…made me feel like I was high on drugs or something often…maybe try a different one.

I just keep telling my Drs that I still have symptoms so they know to change my meds. I recently switched Drs because my old Dr wasn’t making changes anymore. I haven’t tried everything so I feel like there’s still hope. You should try that too. Make an appointment and say it’s not working. Then ask how long you should give the new drug and if you’re not better in that time, go back and say something again. Hopefully, you’ll get it worked out soon.

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