Delusions turned to hallucinations?

It’s been a full month since I’ve touched my medication. The diet change + supplements seems to be working well. Delusions are the lowest they’ve ever been(counting when on Risperidone, or Saphris). As long as I eat, sleep, and take the supplements, I’m fine. Sometimes great even.

However, I’m starting to hallucinate now? I’ve had dimensional stretches before, but now I’m seeing things warp… and things move around. Such as the curtain… it will “blow” way out from the wall like the fan is blowing it, except the air is dead still and the curtain doesn’t really move at all. I also saw a shadow person…in front of the wall…like…in FRONT…I’m not sure how I could tell it was in front, but somehow, it was there a couple feet from the wall, facing me? It stood there for 2 or 3 solid seconds, then moved to the side. It was behind me atfirst, and I could see something “walk” into the room, because a reflection on the shiny black on the side of my monitor. So I turned and there it was…

I’m wondering if I’ve found a way to cap off the delusions, but it’s manifesting in another way… I feel like I’m gaining mental stability though, as if my brain is finding peace lol.

Peace to all.

Stopping meds usually trigger a relapse. U should take to ur p.doc about stopping medications or else psychotic symptoms might return if you go off them on your own.

I used to stop meds all the time on my own too whenever I thought I was better, or when the side effects became too much to bear, or when I was depressed.

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What you’re doing is very dangerous…It’s the number one reason people like us end up drooling, doped out on old school meds in a mental hospital. The last time I skipped my meds I went from being a straight A student and powerlifter to a psychotic mess. Side effects suck, sure, but if you find a med that works it is usually worth it, and take into account that they prescribe additional meds for some side effects (I take meds for my tremors caused by Geodon and they work pretty well, I can sleep, before my legs had a mind of their own and were constantly moving)

Perhaps you have too much serotonin which seems to contribute to hallucinations.

Talk to your doctor first.

I’ve seen the wavy pattern thing…the dimensional shifting where something seems to move in waves but it really isn’t. Now that is usually something I would call a hallucination, unless the dimensional fabric of things is indeed shifting. It’s never enough to cause me any problems though, and it’s kinda rare.

I’ve seen the shadow people a few times in my life…things like that I believe to be spiritual or holograms. I live near an old cemetery and one night my son and I both saw the same ghost…he was 2 at the time and during the day he had run to a grave and sat next to it and started talking to it…when i went over there I noticed the grave was of a girl who died at age 2 in 1911 ! My son couldnt read so how was he drawn to that grave like that? But I saw a little girl run by me and my son said she was in his room, and he reported ghosts a few times, but they didn’t seem to bother him.
I hardly think that stuff is hallucination because 2 people saw it, and my son even had interaction with it.

I think when I fixate on something … and the sneaky brained thinking comes in… it starts taking over all the senses.

After that… then it creeps it’s way in deeper and soon… what I see deep inside my brain… I start to see outside my brain.

It hasn’t happened for a few months… but there have been times when my sneaky brained thinking will cross wire the rest of my senses.