Visual hallucinations of written words

Has anyone experienced this? I basically get short typed notes presented to me on a field of grey. Yesterday it was the name of a singer whom I’d never heard of before, I had to go look up her YouTube videos and interviews in order to find out who she was.

On your computer? Was wondering if you’ve been hacked.

No, when I’m half asleep in my minds eye.

Are you getting them upon waking?
Hypnogogic and hypnopompic hallucinations are common with sz.

I experience this but its numbers. Not words

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Yeah I know… But isn’t that just weird? Who hallucinates typed notes with singers names? She sung indie reggae too, which is odd because I’ve recently had a Bob Marley phase.

Had a nasty nightmare this morning, still recovering from that.

Hi Bruce!!! It must be daytime in Australia?

Hello!!! :slight_smile: its evening. 5pm. What time is it there?

2:05 Am …

You should be asleep!!

I got off work at midnight. So, it’s hard to just go to bed right after.

Ahh I see. You work late

What do you do for work?

Work in roadworks. Building roads.

Wow you must be a hard worker. Is that like a mon-fri job?

Yeah 8 hours a day monday to friday.

Sz hasn’t stopped you from working full time. That’s good. What were your symptoms like?

Meds help me alot. Was difficult to work full time without meds. I missed alot of days work. But now that im on meds I have no problems at all. Where do you work?

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Gas station 29hrs a week. Did you have auditory hallucinations?

Yes. Still do. But its easy to ignore the people without color while on medd