Is there anyone who does not usually have hallucinations, ever experienced such a severe one or one that has lasted several days and have psychologically and emotionally felt better in terms with of the diagnosis?

Secondly, is there anybody willing to discuss with me what type of hallucinations they have, the severity and how often this happens?


I mostly have tactile hallucinations, they come and go throughout the day.

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Can anyone else help? This is very important

When I’m on meds, I usually do not experience hallucinations.

I’ve experienced such severe auditory hallucinations that I heard eerie organ music round the clock, non stop for a full three months. Then, suddenly, it stopped.

I think it may have been a bad reaction to a sedative sleep med. Although my pdoc said it was my sza.

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Most of my hallucinations are either auditory or visual, with visual hallucinations increasing as I destabilize. I still hallucinate on meds, but I have prn ativan and haldol in case things get too vivid or distracting.

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Did you see my question where I @ you circle? Can you answer me please

I ask this because, hallucinations are not part of my symptoms and I had severe delusions and hallucinations for six consecutive days, the week before last. I could not sleep for almost 4 days and ate once in 6 days. I was given sleeping medication to help sleep on the 6th day, the day when both delusion and hallucinations had reached its peak and my family attempted to have me hospitalised. When I woke up the next day I felt different and this has not changed since. Namely, that I have no symptoms

I have also just informed my mental health team that I will not be proceeding with the Clozapine treatment.

I answered. Sorry for the delay. I wasn’t around much today because I got really into this show on Hulu called Veronica Mars. So good.

I used to see a black cat that would tell me strange things that didnt make much sense until i thought about it. Ive had him for most of my life and never thought anything about it. Like having an imaginary friend that i never told anyone about.

I havent seen him since i went on medication though. My voices used to be more helpful and give me some different perspectives on things. Now they have changed quite a bit since my psychotic break. Theyre kinda mean and judgemental now. They also tell me i should die pretty often so that i can free people from their misgivings or something, some crappy martyr delusion ive developed lol.

I miss that cat though, i used to think he was my spirit animal/imaginary friend and being native american, i thought i was blessed/gifted. I called him Cheshire for awhile after watching Alice in Wonderland. But i called him Seth usually.

Thank you very much for this. This has helped. I am also sorry to learn about your current voices, I wish you did not have to go through this.

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