Virtually hanging with stanhope

You ever just realize it sometimes? You ever just realize how ■■■■■■ you are?

You know why i was put on this planet? Because they wanted workers and soldiers, i was put here for ■■■■■■■ service. But i got sick and now this is my fate because they can’t use me.

In video numer two old dougy though said it, “that boy has the devil in him!”, yes, i do. I actually have the devil in me, really i do. Not some guy with a pitchfork or anything, but psycho beings yes. Psycho non human lifeforms are in my mind.

Wish it wasn’t so but yes i am in contact with something that isn’t human. Not my choice though.

That boy has the devil in him! Sometimes that’s totally true.

Do you think they are doing somthing to you for your own good or for bad things to happen to you?

I feel I am bieng controlled for my own good by an existance or existances but it is tormenting, frustrating, agitating, humiliating, makes me feel like if I had my own choice It would be wrong with this existance or existances.