Video Game Thread 10.0

It’s not exactly early in the generation though? aren’t we halfway through if we count a cycle as 6 years?

(sorry you said “this early” which doesn’t neccecarily mean early)

Oh yeah I guess they did.

I must have forgotten.

Still, I just don’t see a world where there’s a PS5 Pro and no Series X Pro.

Also, the first 2 years of this generation don’t really count because A. Nobody could get their hands on an effing system and B. Every single game was made for both last and next gen.

Also the generation started in 2020. It’s just the second month of 2024. The Xbox 360 generation lasted much longer than this.

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Here is dragon tiles, a very calm boardgame I play. Remove all of the tiles by pairing two identical tiles, the object is to clear the board.



i agree this generation should last much longer, especially considering the power of the hardware, a pro model would be overpowered i imagine which is good for longevitivy as when ps5 and series x came out they were the most powerful hardware anyone can get their hands on for the price, i still think series x can run any game thrown at it, so if they make a pro it will just be future proofing for many years to come.

oddly on the other hand nintendo has been releasing revisions still running base hardware weaker than 2017 phones

Ive been itching to return to playing but i have so much studying to do. Kinda annoying :roll_eyes:


Been gaming my PS5 a lot since I got it. Good purchase :grin:


What are you studying?

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Physics 15characters

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Yes Yes Yes YEs!!!

EDIT: Omfg yes.

Gamers Rejoice.

Original Star Wars Battlefront 1+2 are being rereleased with

-Full 64 player multiplayer

-optimization for modern consoles

-full cross gen compatibility

The good Battlefronts are back

“The Battlefront Classic collection”

March 14, 2024


Now make this gaming people!


I miss the days of compact disks instead of digital downloads of games. Not that I play that much anymore anyway. But it used to be like Christmas going into Best Buy or wherever and looking at all the colorful boxes wrapped in plastic.

It was exciting to get them home and open the packaging and install them. Digital downloads just aren’t the same. But half the time they will try to charge you the same amount without the packaging if they aren’t on sale.

Doesn’t really seem right since they are saving a bunch of money on packaging.

I guess it’s just supply and demand , though. People will charge whatever consumers will pay.


You might like this video @Bowens

It talks about how game releases have changed


I might download starfield tomorrow and try it.


i played star wars battlefront 2 so much back when i had a ps2 in the 2000s it still holds up even decades later,


Shows how badly the new ones failed to live up to expectations


I already play Battlefront 1 & 2 on PC modded to restore content and bring across old maps into the game, but I’ll definitely be supporting this new release so that we can all play together again.

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yea as disappointing as it is it happens with most franchises they try to revamp and end up ruining what people loved most

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anybody notice that nintendo never seals or tapes the boxes of their hardware. like all nintendo switch models when you buy them new there is no tape, its so easy to open but ive never seen any other company from the 100s of things ive bought throughout my life do this

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Anyone plays Hell Let Loose? It’s a pretty good military simulator set in WW2; Super realistic FPS and semi-RTS game.

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