Video Game Thread 10.0

started playing pacman world: 20th annivery edition on my ps1 emu handheld. i also have pacman world: re-pac on switch gotten the same time around started playing the original. its fun 3d platforming. i prob wouldve never played it but i was showing my mom some games when i connected the anbernic handheld to projector and connected usb controllers. i liked the mechanics so now im playing it in my free time

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I know, I played original WoW too and it was mid level content with a 60 level cap but the way season of discovery works is it has 3 month phases that cap the level, first was 25 cap, now it’s 40. So for the current phase Gnomer and STV are endgame content.

It’s a really cool way to make old content relevant and interesting.


Cant’ afford any new games in the foreseeable future as some hobby expenses so sticking to Starfield.

Like the early game isn’t bad and you can pretty well start with any character build and be successful but like any Bethesda title you can dial it in a lot to your playstyle.

It’s a different game but I still enjoy it although I’ve done some missions probably 30 times but I’ve 1000 hours in skyrim so it’s just the nature of the beast…

I’ve pretty well settled on the build that works for me but only looked at like 2 things on google. It’s all been my playthroughs which is nice. It’s good to assimilate a game on your experience because it’s so easy to search for solutions.

Also oddly enough the game that got me into games when I was like 5 called killer instinct ain’t on the list of games it baffles me

Damn Diablo 4 died off quickly.

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Street fighter button masher

Cannot choose main I played cammy today but thinking about yoga master dhalsim

Agreed. What a waste of over a hundred dollars for the most expensive edition of the game.

Im playing helldivers 2 on PC. Its insanely fun but sadly matchmaking does not work with randoms, only inviting friends work. I hope the fix it soon cause it`s a really fun game.

playing nintendo ds games with gamesir x2 controller on my old tracfone thats been collecting dust for months, it runs really well drastic emulator is not very demanding


psp works great too lol its cool to play games from my favorite handheld generation on a $40 phone

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I’m playing old games on my mini Amiga. Amiga got knocked out by microsoft in 1994, so all official games are basically at least 30yrs old. Quite a few games were ported from PC to amiga, or they simply made a new version of the same game. A few games have been ported the other way around as well.

I’ll try to take some photos when I play.

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I’ll eat my hat if they make a pro. My money’s on a slim. Improving hardware wouldn’t make much sense this early in the generation, and I don’t think Microsoft is planning anything like that.


Hey Guys
I figured this Thread might be the right place for my topic.
I want to game but my Risperidone makes it a but hard because too many different mechanics in a game are too much to handle and overwhelming at the current dosage.

Have you guys ever had a similar problem? And can you recommend games that are fun but not too complicated to play? I don‘t mind the story to be complex, that‘s actually a good thing. But complex gameplay mechanics or alything stealthy or stuff that requires complicated planning and timing probably isn‘t right for me.

Thanks guys

didnt they already make a ps5 slim a few months ago?

i had trouble gaming for some time due to negative symptoms, some games are just too much going on, i actually mostly play games that barely focus on story but the gameplay itself, basically fps games, racing games, and rogue-likes as well as souls-likes, those genres for me have the least down time and can be played in short sessions and still feel rewarding unlike most heavy story rpg’s that are more of a slow burn