Very surreal experience with fb?

Can somebody you met like a tour guide on holiday in Turkey, not with any other friends we know. How can they come on my friends suggestions without any link? Has he been looking at my profile? Does it work like this?

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I heard that Facebook can tell you have been spending periods of time with other people from your mutual locations data’s from your phones. I think maybe fb can harvest this data if you allow it on your phone


FB can come up with the freakiest accurate friend suggestions based on things I do not think it should have any idea about.


I think it takes the info from your contacts list when you sign up on mobile

If you press the wrong button

It’s FBI.
FaceBook intelligence.

Yeah, and don’t forget Meta owns both whatsapp and instagram. Most people give whatsapp access to phone contacts, there’s also double factor authentication that uses your phone number. Therefore, they have a lot of data they can play with.

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I have not contact with him, no photos or friends with him. absolutely no connection.

They link people you know with other people they know and are in their contact lists, people who have visited the page and all the ways.

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I notice a lot of weird things. Not just on social media or facebook haha.

But ya, I’m still wondering why I get ‘Hillary Duff’ spam on my facebook feed or wall lol.

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