Very Paranoid

A random number texted me yesterday, he knew my name and swore that we “knew each other.” I constantly kept bothering him asking him who he was and he wouldn’t budge. I regret making the attempt to even ask who he was. I shouldn’t have cared so much. All he told me was that we went to the same college together, and that someone gave him my number. And that I “knew him well.” I only gave my number out to a couple of people at the time, and I was very antisocial in college so I didn’t really talk to anyone, so I’m really not sure how he got it. Now I’m completely paranoid that he might be stalking me and that something might happen to me, even when I blocked him already.
I should have blocked him the first time. I’m so stupid for even continuing the conversation with him. Why did I do this to myself?

Was that college called Stalker University?

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Sounds like a scammer, ignore it x

You should be able to block the number to prevent it calling you again

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Thank you so much, that makes me feel better.

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Those scammers are the lowest of the low, it’s not nice what they do,

another tip is if someone phones you and you don’t recognise the number then don’t answer unless your expecting a call.

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I hate game playing freaks on the phone, good thing You couldn’t see a face to sock your fist into…I’d given them 5 stars for their game.

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