What are the odds

Of someone texting the wrong number that lives down the road and with whom you went to school with?

I find this bizzare especially with paranoid sz I’m really over analyzing the situation.

He didn’t know it was me nor could he remember me from grade school, it just very coincidental?

He thought he was texting some one else and was letting them know his name and change of number.


Lots of schizophrenics struggle with coincidences.

I could name a few on this forum but I won’t.

Let it go and move on. It’s not worth it to ruminate on it too much.


I agree with @Jonathan2. Literally everybody will have some crazy coincidences happen in their life, at least a few times. For us mentally ill, it can be hard to let it go, but you really gotta tell yourself that it’s only a coincidence and nothing more.


I struggle with ideas of references daily. I assume without medication, they would become delusions.

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Yeah, it’s hard. I mean of all the numbers in the world you got a girl right down the rd from you. Just strange


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