Pretty scared right now

I got a random WhatsApp message from someone I don’t know asking me to confirm this is my number. I deleted it straight away.

But it has scared me.

I think I am just on edge because I have a fever. Pretty close to being delirious.

GonnA try and sleep it out


Get good rest @anon94176359 and I hope you feel better soon

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Try not to stress over it. I’m guessing it was some sort of spam/telemarketing. You did the right thing by just deleting the message.

I get spam texts, phone calls, and emails almost every day. I won’t even answer my phone any more unless I recognize the phone number. It’s really annoying.


Thanks @Moonbeam :nerd_face:

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Things like that worry me. Ì hope you get a good night’s sleep.


I get tons of spam phone calls - tons!
I too don’t answer my phone unless I recognize the number.

Don’t worry @anon94176359.
It’s safe.


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