Upset. flip flopping over smoking and not smoking!

I have tried to stop smoking going on probably 20 times in the last month or so and I feel so down about it. I was on day one but here I am with a pack of cigs tonight. I get up in the morning and reach for the gum and by night time I find it almost impossible to stay away from smoking. I have so much free time on my hands…can someone tell me why I fail all the time at stopping smoking? Please tell me something !!

That’s part of my problem right now too…not used to it. Too much time to smoke.
Try a vape. Regular ecigs wouldn’t cut it for me because I roll my own…no filter. They are expensive to break so buy a good one if you try.
Good luck man.


Maybe that’s why I’m failing? I keep telling myself I don’t want the behavior of sticking to a vape after stopping smoking but I’m running out of patience. I am impoverished because of ■■■■■■■ cigarettes and it’s pissing me off to no end !! I appreciate your reply and will consider it.

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For me… it wasn’t just the nicotine…

It was the WHY I’d go for a smoke…

If I was in an uncomfortable conversation… I’d leave it and go have a smoke.
If I was feeling cooped up inside… go outside… but I didn’t feel like going outside for no reason… so the reason… have a smoke.

If I was trying to avoid family… go outside and have a smoke.

Was feeing unusually emotional? go outside… have a smoke and think about it.

Plus… for me… part of having to start to stop was getting rid of the lighters… the ashtrays… the cigarette holders… Deep clean the smell of smoke out of everything so I didn’t smell it and crave.

There is a lot of behavior pattern to smoking. It took some help to break that part of it.


Yes, I’ve been stressed about money this month but have had some fortunate things happen where I am going to be alright next month. I need to remind myself I don’t have that stress anymore…it’s like taking a while for me to wrap my head around the fact that I am “going to be alright”.? I don’t want to die from COPD or cancer. I don’t want to be poor because of the cost of cigarettes…I am going to throw all my lighters and ashtrays away tonight and start anew tomorrow. thanks @SurprisedJ that helped a lot !!

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I flip flop around too in my desire to smoke or not smoke. But I keep persisting in not smokiing. It is like almost eleven months for me. I found Nic A helpful to me.


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thanks Jayster. I know the feeling doesn’t go away does it? I was stopped for 78 days once and I fell down…if I could just get that kind of time under my belt again…sigh…I could just cry…I get to the end of my nights when I’m smoking and just want to …die? I cannot go on like this…I am really going to fight tomorrow and not focus on it being day one…I HAVE TO DO THIS !!

At least you’re spending more time cigarette free. Maybe you can cut down on how much you smoke. Maybe you can gradually reduce your cigarette smoking.

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I’ve tried that @crimby it seems I only have one speed…full throttle…I just put all my money in my girlfriend’s purse so I will be locked into stopping tomorrow at least until she gets home from work tomorrow. That ought to get me through day one a good way. I am resolute when I’m smoking that I need to stop. It’s when I don’t have one in my mouth that I get to wanting one. I don’t even enjoy smoking anymore. I get short breathed. I am going to bed. I plan on reading this thread tomorrow morning when I get up.

Do what works best for you.

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@jukebox, try a high powered ecig. I use

Innokin mvp20w battery
Innokin iclear30s atomiser
24mg eliquid

That was the only way I could quit. Beginner ecigs didn’t do it for me.

The running costs money wise are 10% of cigarettes per month.

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I’m using an ecig and its working out really well for me. Also have you tried Wellbutrin for quitting that’s got some really good reviews on

You will probably replace the atomiser head once a month.

You’ll have to decide what eliquid you like yourself. Start with 20mg nicotine strength.

In all honesty although I have heard good things about vapes, I am scared of them because I’ve heard of people going back to cigs. also I am intimidated by the whole mechanical workings of them? I have nicotine gum and the taste I get from chewing it reminds me of how bad cigs taste? I have my gum right now and it works so far. thank you for all the info on e cigs @everhopeful

I went back on cigarettes on the starter ecigs but eventually gave up on the high powered setup. I was smoking for about 2 weeks even on the high power setup above, then one day I decided not to buy cigarettes and survive on the ecig and never looked back.

Don’t worry about the mechanical nature of it. Maybe start of with a beginner ecig to get used to the mechanical nature of it? Just don’t expect to actually quit on a beginner ecig.

There must be a high street shop where you live that does ecigs. Get a beginner one from them and get them to talk you through how to work it. That’s how I started a year ago.

Beginner ones are called ‘EGO style’

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I’ve always thought, replace it with something else.

Maybe stand in front of mirror and do jumping jacks until the urge passes.

Something healthy anyway.

thanks Daze, yes, I thought maybe taking a walk in the back yard every time I get the urge. I have a bad back so jumping jacks won’t do. good idea though !!

I mean its cigarettes, weed, booze - it could mean that you have an addictive type personality.
I would try Hypnotherapy to kick the habit with these substances - it is worth a shot

thanks Wave, my grandmother quit smoking that way. I wouldn’t know where to get that kind of therapy. I live in a small town and I can’t travel to the big cities around me because my truck won’t take me there. I do indeed have an addictive personality.

Well good luck Jukebox - i still say that one day, maybe soon you will quit smoking.
You certainly have the desire to quit and this is important