Do you smoke

im a heavy smoker…

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I vape an ecig a lot of the time and also buy a pack of menthol cigs here and there. I’m finding it very difficult to give up.

yes hard to quit mannn???

I smoked for 18 years. Sometimes 3 packets a day when I drank alcohol. It is now almost 9 years since I’ve quit. I don’t crave cigs anymore but I do sometimes dream that I do smoke.


dont ever smoke again…
hard to quit …???

I know it was hell to quit but I did it. I know that if I would smoke just one cigarette I will end up smoking again so I stay as far away from the stuff as possible.


Smoke a pipe very infrequently now. Use herbal pipe weed, not tobacco, no nicotine content. Thinking of switching to this:

Haven’t had a cig in nearly 24 years.


I hear a lot of SZ’s smoke or have smoked. I never had any interest in it, as I was always too worried what it would do to my body. Paranoia wins out!!! LOL!


“A puff away from a pack a day”.

I was a heavy smoker for many years. Now that I’m stopped . I know the first one will get me.



thinking of quiting

The atomiser heads would only last a month, so make sure you can easily buy replacement heads.

No I don’t smoke. I consider myself lucky cigarettes always made me cough really bad

At the assisted living center where I live a person can see how sick cigarettes have made some of the people here. There is this one guy in the hospital with a tube in his chest now. He also has cancer. I am sure he is going through hell. There is usually one or two people with COPD on oxygen. I think the med’s we take make us more prone to get sick from cigarettes. I smoked for a little while in the army, and I am so glad I was able to quit. You can also see the financial impact of smoking here. The people who don’t smoke have a lot more disposable income. The people who smoke don’t really have any disposable income.

I quit last Oct 2 after gradually cutting back for a long time. I was a slave to cigarettes and will never go back to them. It isn’t worth it.

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I used to be a Heavy smoker - 2 packs a day many times.

I quit cold turkey years ago - never looked back.

It is possible.

I vape. I hate the fact that I do, but can’t seem to give it up.

I vape also, I picked it up when I read a study that nicotine might help sensory gating, focusing on the conversation you are having and ignore the other stuff around you. It also helps focus.

I do not smoke cigarettes.

i havent smoked a cig in a week. but before that i was smoking 1.5 to 2 packs a day

I don’t smoke but my brother, and parents are heavy smokers. Mostly my dad and brother. My dad smokes more when he’s drinking but he calls cigs and beer his medicine. I’ve seen my dad go without cigs for a week while in the hospital but as soon as he gets home he smokes again. Last time he was in the hospital my mom said she wasn’t going to buy any more cigs, but my brother under minded her wishes and started smoking right in front of my dad.

Don’t blame your brother for that, blame cigarettes.

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