Can anyone give me inspiration to stop smoking? depressed about it

I tried chantix, I tried nicotine gum. I tried cold turkey. I am still smoking. If I smoke this month I will have a bad Christmas. Does anyone know any inspiring things that might help me stop???

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Have you tried a good quality e - cig, roughly spend what you would spend in a week on cigs on a e-cig, personally I find it easy with one and my brother and step dad have successfully quit with them :smile:
Hope this helps

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This probably won’t be much help and I’m sorry your depressed about it but what got me off cigarettes was a nicotine vape. That isn’t a very good substitute but it works for me and is a hell of a lot better then cigs. There are also some books to read on trying to quit. Its a hard thing to do but with the effort and dedication you can do it. Also another thing that helped me quit were those commercials a while ago.

You can do it just give it the effort and it will pay off

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I always find replacing one behavior with another helps me get over addictions. Hopefully with a behavior that’s less harsh that the previous one you gave up.

Perhaps your gf or wife could help keep you motivated?


yeah guys, I guess that’s what will have to happen using vapes? I just can’t seem to stop so I will as a last resort give the vapes a try. thanks.


You have such desire to quit think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much a good quality vape helps :slight_smile:


I cut way back. I smoke one or two a day and am on the patch. Once finals are done, I’m tapering off the medium patch I am on.

My motivation was cardio. I used to have pro level stamina, so I just made myself run to make sure I didn’t smoke significantly. I still do, I ran today.

I say set a goal to keep from smoking and try the patch. The patch works for me, really, I smoke one cig when I wake up then put on a 14mg patch and usually don’t smoke after that. It’s better than lung cancer and tar and throat cancer.

I smoked a while in the army. It took me about fifty tries to quit. If you try and fail, don’t get discouraged. Wait, back up, gather your will power, and try again. Think of the money you’ll save. Think how your health will improve. Think how messy cigarettes are and how you won’t have to deal with that mess if you quit. Don’t get down on yourself for not being able to quit. Back up and try again. You can succeed. I know you can.

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Try a beginner ecig. Go to a store that sells them. Ask for an ‘ego style’ ecig. And ask them to show you how to use them.

You will need to replace the head every month. Beginner ecigs will keep you off cigs for about a month, then the novelty wears off.

Then step things up, buy the following setup:

Innokin mvp20w battery, innokin iclear30s atomiser. Use it at about 8 watts with a liquid strength between 20-24mg.

This will help you quit cigarettes for good, and possibly quit using ecigs themselves.

Edit: you will need to replace the atomiser heads every month on the innokin iclear30s atomiser.

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I am sure you already know this, but try to think that every smoke you take into your body contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing compounds and 400 other toxins.

Also exercising and healthy diet …doesn’t go well with smoking.

I guess I was lucky because I simply started loathing the cigarettes after I got out of hospital.

What do you think, what is the biggest reason you want to quit?


I went to the quickie mart and bought a VUSE e cig. It is fun and I’m already looking forward to my Christmas now. Thank you all.


When you’re ready to step up:

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Have you ever asked your doctor about wellbutrin? I’ve head that it’s sometimes prescribed to help people quit smoking.

Hey punk quit smokin will ya!

Hope that helps :blush:

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