Update- one month without a smoke, time is flying by

well really it’s now been 29 days, so a couple days short of a month, but it seems like it’s just been a couple weeks, time definitely goes faster now that i dont smoke. no cravings so far, only thing is my sleep is erratic, hoping that improves.

and it’s been 6 days without a coffee,

and on august 1st, i quit drinking, except for 2 margaritas once a year on my bday at the mexican restaurant in town haha.


That’s great. Keep going !

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Nice @Lifer

I’m currently battling my caffeine addiction.

Stimulants are a hard habit 2 break.

Wishing U success with no smoking.


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i know how long it’s been because in my notebook, i made a list to 100, each day i put a check next to the number if i don’t smoke or drink coffee.

also i was planning on taking a break from the forum until winter, but decided to come back after 3 days haha. but i am online less than before at least and getting a chore or two done each day.

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its weird, now when i check bank account it’s about the same as last time i checked, i got used to it being 2 or 3 hundred dollars less when i used to check it. saving money not smoking. money for books and groceries. my weight is also more healthy 157 pounds, up from 130 pounds.

Hey, that’s an awesome success. Well done you!

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I think your method would work for me as well. If I write it down as an objective goal and put a checkmark next to the days until I reach 100 or more. My dad is on day 31 I htink. So you quit the same day he started and he’s doing well. I am going to quit next week cold turkey this time. I also think Im going to order some watercolors and start doing some artwork.

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