New life and the implications of not smoking

It’s day 6 and I think I got this not smoking down finally…I can’t believe how much money I have left this month. we didn’t get to eat chinese the other day so we are going for lunch today. I plan on cooking a lot more at home since I have more cash for groceries…thinking about making beef stew next week. I got my banjo out of hock yesterday and it felt so good to pay the $60 to get it out without fretting…played all morning, cheery feel good bluegrass yay !! I love my new life !!


This is day 3 for me. This time I was well prepared. I cut my coffee in half, am eating frequent snacks to keep my blood sugar up, going for walks frequently and resting a lot, among other things.

Before now I’d never made it a whole day. Glad to hear we’re both giving it a go.


yes, some things I really love to do when I can…which has been null while I was smoking because it cost me so much a day is online shopping? . 3 packer. man, I can’t believe that now…I am trying to save $50 a month until I get a healthy savings account again…it has really been a struggle, I have talked and talked about quitting smoking and tried many times…day 6, hell yeah…good to know you’re in the same battle…there was a synchronicity today about that years ago I tried to take my life on this day, but I didn’t know it was my mother’s birthday…I was just so down I didn’t realize anything but my pain…then a nurse befriended me when I was in the hospital and I found hope again. anyways, I have been a positive person but my vices were really holding me down…anyways, there was a funeral for my nephew’s friend - car accident. Just so many heavy things have happened on this day and today I am so happy with a full tank of gas and my banjo out of hock that I have been this “banjo guy” again…had to have it out of my hands long enough to make me appreciate it again. and my girlfriend and I are growing in love every day, and I just am so grateful to God that I am still living…


Be vigilant. The urge to smoke van catch you in an unguarded moment. Be ready to say immediately - No.

It should read “can catch you…”. That’s interesting because the cigarettes I used to smoke were Vantage brand.

I smoked Pall Mall Blue 100’s…lights…I can see huge piles of cigarette butts in my ashtray and think…this is definitely going to kill me if I don’t stop. I have rode the unhappy side of the train for long enough. What’s really worked for me is that I see myself as happy not smoking because if I smoke I get really poor again. I’m probably not going back. In the case that there is a huge loss you give in and start back…I am trying to “stay keen” on knowing I can’t be happy and smoke…easy, simple and inspiring to me.

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Now that I’m cutting back, my sis has been taking the money I WOULD have spent on smokes and sticking it in a jar. It’s a very full jar. It odd to physically SEE the money I’m not spending on cigarettes.

That has also kept me at two a day now.

ON September 1st… I’m going to try to cut to one a day.

Then none…

I was in the car several hours today because my friend and I went to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. Formerly. I used to smoke in the car and throw my cigarettes out the window.

I knew I was in for potential trouble throwing cigarettes out the window. In the first place, littering is illegal. Also, it can cause fires, even in one’s own back seat by flying back in the rear window, and I always feared hitting a motorcyclist. Today I didn’t have to worry about that because I didn’t smoke.

Actually, I haven’t smoked for a month, and I was a heavy smoker.


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This has always struck me as funny. I have been smoke free for about four years. I didn’t quit for health reasons or because of money. I quit because I smoke Kreteks (cloves) and Obama banned them. I just don’t want to smoke regular cigarettes. At the time, despite staunch liberalism and general support of him, I was rather angry. I guess it would be the first time me and Ted Nugent(sp) agreed on anything. So I just had to stop smoking. I think it was easier for me than other people. Imagine if you had to stop smoking because they stopped making cigarettes.

So the President inadvertently added who knows how many years to my life. I still miss them though. Also I think it is partially to blame for why I’m so fat.