2 weeks without a smoke

I just sit here in boredom, it’s taking some getting used to. im used to going outside for a smoke 20 times a day. but I think the withdrawals are over with. and im saving money again. so that is good. but my days drag on. it’s probably why I started smoking to begin with.


Keep going! You can do it !


Well done @Lifer you can do it :hugs:

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Feeling like that means you are still in withdrawal. It’s just you wanting to go back. After a year or two you will say it is one of the best things you have ever done. It will take a lot longer than 2 weeks to quit smoking.


Congratulations!!! Try to find another hobby like games, hiking, wood working, building models, painting…or even ones with others like joining a bowling league or something.

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yeah thanks everybody @ZmaGal @anon80629714 @everhopeful

and good suggestion @ZmaGal . I’ve been reading more lately and it will be warm enough to hike soon. so I plan on doing that.

and @anon98459728 yeah maybe im still not quite there yet. but the only thing I noticed was I was having trouble sleeping through the night without some nicotine each day. but that seems to have passed. and im sleeping better these last few nights. I have been drinking more coffee without the smokes though.


That’s incredible, congratulations. I noticed when I first quit I was drinking quite a bit extra coffee, but now I’m down to one cup.

Congratulations @Lifer

You’re doing an AMAZING job

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Well done. Smokes are like $30 a pack of 20’s or so over here now. I got out a decade ago and just couldn’t justify smoking on a pension. Best thing I ever did for my health though was give up the smokes.

Keep on keeping on and try some exercise. Good way to get healthier…when you feel like a smoke try some exercise.


Congratulations I’m coming up on two years without a smoke.


Well done, when you quit long enough you don’t even think about cigarettes anymore… The longest was 4 months without but i started for the same reasons again. I can’t scientifically proof my reason, but it has to do with mental illnes and trauma. I plan to quit again, I already increased the valium.

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