Update on things

Sooo it turns modafinil hasn’t totally gotten rid of my positive symptoms. I’m still talking to entities (thought insertion, whatever). They keep telling me all this confusing and frustrating stuff. Talked to Jesus too for the 1st time in AGES and he was helpful but I’m trying to focus on life stuff. I still see stuff out of the side of my eye, but I no longer see the lights or trippy swirling stuff.

Mood wise I have been much happier this week than I’ve been. Still not over the moon or anything but it’s better than that very grey flat place I was at for weeks before. I am also participating in a lot of my old hobbies and socializing more with my family.

Part of the reason why I’m posting this is to monitor if my mood quickly changes again despite being on a mood stabilizer.


Modafinil … that’s Provigil, right? I’m not really familiar with that med, as far as what it is supposed to do for a person.

I’m glad you’re feeling happier, less flat, socializing more. :slight_smile:

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good for you @Anna

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Well for me it’s just supposed to keep me awake cuz I have a sleep disorder. It does a good job of that, I no longer get sleep attacks which is marvelous, gives me back a lot more time in my day when I don’t have to take hour or more naps every 2-3 hours.

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I love you dearly @Anna you’re a dear friend of mine

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