Think it may be helping

I think there’s a chance that doubling my dosage of My increased Modafinil is helping. Past 2 days I’ve noticed a slightly better activity level. Socializing was a bit easier for me last night. Ive had some scattered moments of motivation. Ive had one shower more than typical. Thing is I stopped dividing the doses up and instead I put them together first thing in the morning and it seems better. I get energy for a bit of time. Wasn’t working before that. Gonna talk to my nurse and pdoc. Maybe I could even go up again soon and maybe that could help more. They will know if that’s ok


Hoping it was the med and not because I had my hubby’s support all weekend since he was off work and he cues me a lot with tasks.

I am glad it seems to be working. Keep going and things hopefully will get better

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Thank you @Joker
Gonna see how it goes today, take them together again.

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