My head is so fuzzy

I honestly don’t know if modafinil has been working for me lately at all. I guess, maybe a bit. I’m so out of it.

It is just a very weird feeling to spend most of the day in a dream. I wake up and come back here feeling like I’ve already had my share of activity for the day.

I got 9 hours of sleep but it wasn’t enough. I need like 11 or 12. So tired. Everything just feels chaotic.

My mind feels fuzzy too. Like there are too many thoughts in it and I’m getting confused. Some of them are talking to me and they want to escape. Do your thoughts sometimes sound like they’re trying to get out of your head?

Nah it’s me that wants to escape into my head, not my voices that want to come out. Many of them hate this place and would prefer to stay where they are. The bad ones try to convince me to come stay with them forever :disappointed:

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I’m sorry. :slightly_frowning_face: Do they make you want to kill yourself? Me too.

Well they heavily imply that the only way I can sever my ties to this plane is by killing the vessel that keeps me bound here. So yeah. Generally I just ignore them though because I figure if I’m here it’s for a reason.


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