Badly out of it need modafinil

Used my last half of modafinil pill today. First sleep attack hit me in the middle of making banana bread. Finished in a complete fog then passed out on couch. Later went to room. Fell into trance. Demons talking to me. Felt weird. Mom called me out to take care of dog. Still felt out of it. Mom said I looked lost. I didn’t want to do anything. Looking at people bothered me. Didn’t want to be around any people. Still don’t. Want to be alone. But if I’m alone they talk to me. Was in shower. Hallucinating. My leg disappeared. Lights everywhere. Demons talking to me. Say they just want me to obey. Asked why. No answers. No answers. My leg got punched I think it hurt a lot. It snapped me out of trance. I’m sleepy.

Sounds so rough. You must be so strong to put up with all of that day in and out. I never heard of modafinil. Do you have a lot of trouble getting off to sleep.

I need medication for me to sleep at a human hour at night. Modafinil is a medication used to treat narcolepsy.

Yeah I read that on Wikipedia. Do you have narcolepsy or just have difficulty nodding off?

I have narcolepsy. People with narcolepsy tend to get hit w random intense sleepiness during the day and then as a result have a hard time getting to sleep at night or messed up sleep. So the usual treatment is a pill to go to sleep and one to stay up during the day.

I slept 10 hrs last night and still felt the need to sleep most of today once the modafinil wore off. I’m stressing out over figuring out refills and insurance coverage.

I am just starting to feel like I’m waking up now and it’s 10 pm.

What does modafinil even do

Wow that sucks. I look after a man at my work who has narcolepsy and I see how tough it is to find that sleep-awake balance. Stressing would no doubt make it harder for you. How long until you get your new lot of Meds?

I don’t know :disappointed: I’m going to try to get it sorted out tomorrow

@James_B it’s a non traditional stimulant or as my insurance calls it “wakefulness promoting agent” it like caffeine?

No it works in a different way they’re not sure of. It doesn’t make me hyper or energized like caffeine it just prevents the sleep attacks from happening so I am a normal person and can function.

Anna,does it make harsh to miss a dose.Is it problem to get refill?

I should be able to pick it up today I think I sorted it out…think…

Let us know.I hope you would. :slightly_smiling_face:

Doctors said it would transfer to the pharmacy where I can get it cheap w good rx. All it takes to do so is for doctor to take 5 seconds to enter a code to approve it. He has not done so, and I’ve called the office twice. I don’t know what to do. I’m so tired. Drank a coffee w three shots of espresso and it barely helped. I can’t accomplish anything in this state. Doctor offices and insurance companies have no empathy or understanding that people need medication to live and function. And when my sleep attacks happen I have a high chance of experiencing the tactile hallucinations and abuse. They are putting me through this. They are cruel.

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Can you explain it to someone in ER.I assume you have one near.

Now that my insurance won’t cover it I can’t afford it unless I get it from that one specific pharmacy with good rx

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Oh,what a crap.

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Um… why did the Rx not get refilled in its window of opportunity? I may have missed this in the prior postings. Was there no refill and you were supposed to call to prompt them into action?

I got a call last week saying my insurance decided to no longer cover modafinil. I noticed the call the next day, called them and asked why insurance would not cover it, and if they’d made an appeal. The person who handled those things was not in the office. I had barely enough modafinil to cover me over the weekend but I didn’t want to spend potentially hundreds on something if I didn’t have to. I called them back again today, and the appeal lady said she couldn’t appeal unless GoodRx was above a certain price. So then I asked them to transfer it to the one pharmacy where it was cheap. They did not do so even though I called twice and they said the doctor just needed to fill out a code to approve it.

Basically my insurance f***d me over by deciding not to cover immediately before I needed a refill, instead of doing it when I would have had plenty of time to sort all of this out.

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