Update but doing well under the stress of it all!

So been really not getting through but had a news article to share. Meanwhile…

Dad had a fall bringing the bins. Wearing thongs and a shuffler so came backwards and ended up breaking an arm and 6 ribs. Absolute nightmare but got him through the system and he’s getting great care…

he’s got copd and worst case he’s picked up a lung infection too. Anyways it’s everyday 5=6 hours just being there because the kids are all working. He’s improving but honestly I’m dealing with it all pretty well. Not sure I could have done it last year but doing ok.

Trouble is that I’ve not been able to get weights in for the week but tomorrow is a new start. i like my morning weights so now it’s after lunch for sure. It doesn’t get any easier and it’s going to be a big change moving forward…Probably have to sell out and go into assisted housing for sure…

Meanwhile doing good on this keto/lo carb. It really is pretty amazing in the short term but I’m almost a year in and doing good.


Wishing your dad a speedy recovery!

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Hey @rogueone, good luck to your dad. Now that you’ve lost all the weight (I think) have you considered switching to a less restrictive, more well balanced, maybe healthier diet like the Mediterranean Diet or the DASH Diet? Both diets are at or near the top of any list of rankings of diets I’ve seen. Both diets include healthy vegetables and also include eating meat. They have many health benefits and have a lot more variety than the Keto Diet.

That’s my plan, I plan on being on the Keto Diet for a year and then I think I’ll switch to the Mediterranean or DASH Diet for maintenance. There are other good diets out there but those two seem better suited to being good, long term diets.
Wishing your dad a speedy recovery.

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Yeah it’s all still pretty new but I’m lo carb here on in. I can dial it in pretty good so it just works and it’s like something that works for me. I get veges and stuff in with the lo carb/ keto thing and losing all that weight gives you a gain anyways…

For me it’s like that aspartame conundrum. Like yeah it may cause cancer but I’ve lost all that weight and being so far overweight then my health outcomes were so compromised anyways…

Mate. Do you. Keto/ lo carb is great for losing the weight… moving onto others isn’t a bad thing if it works for you. It’s all a personal thing.

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Good luck with all that @rogueone
I just jog for 30 minutes once or sometimes twice a day and eat healthy generally. Lost heaps of weight!

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Yeah it’s hard to lose on psych meds. The interesting thing with the whole keto thing is that some people do really well with psych symptoms on top…

There’s more evidence building about gut health and diet when it comes to things like depression and anxiety and even sz too.

Keto. Great for losing weight early but almost a year in and adopting the whole lo carb thing I’m on lowest clinical doses of my psych meds and even my negatives have improved too.

It’s crazy times bui there really is something to look at with your diet and exercise for sure.

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Yeah exercise and healthy diet are important for any human wether sz or not haha.
I’m also on a super low dose of meds too. No issues so far.
Yeah ive heard good things about keto. And even my pdocs have mentioned the gut health-mental health connections. How basically our stomach is almost like our second brain.

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Glad you’re doing pretty well. Glad to hear your father has good care. It is very impressive how you’ve lost weight. I remember you used to play a sport I forgot the name of it. Are you ever going to pursue playing it again?

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Hope your dad gets well soon and you are doing great work and admire your character. And still keeping up with your routine that’s commendable. All the best for you as well.

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