3 weeks keto tonight

Let me know if these posts are getting annoying but it’s 3 weeks tonight. Had two bad days where I probably ate somewhere between 50 and 100 grams of carbs but I balanced it out with some fasting and exercise. It’s probably still a little too soon to say but I feel like it’s helping.


Yeah good work. I think there really is something to this approach for people in our community. I am pretty good but usually keep carbs below 40 grams net per day. I don’t go overboard on fat but I try to keep above protein and carbs combined. It works pretty well for me and I’ve settled into routine.

Good luck moving forward and I have the odd day where I blow out a bit of carbs and have a burger but just get back too it.


Btw. I’ve really had a decent increase in motivation lately so been busy and not getting through much. If you have any specific questions about the whole keto thing hit me up with a tag or a dm and I’ll get back to you when I can.

It’s pretty crazy if it works but I’ve really made some progress with it and losing a lot of weight really is like the first and obvious thing. Keep up the exercise if you can. I think it helps with the ketosis for sure.