Unreality 24/7

does the feeling of unreality and detached from myself and agoraphobia anxiety has anything to do with psychosis?

I’m not qualified to answer that.
Anyone else care to try?

I can see how agoraphobia could lead you into psychosis by causing you to become isolated. When you’re alone, and you don’t have sufficient external stimuli, your mind tends to create that stimuli. The created stimuli can come in the form of hallucinations. Also, when you’re by yourself you don’t have the restraints on your behavior imposed by human company. You tend to get eccentric, which can lead into psychosis.

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That detached feeling can be the start of an episode for me. I am not an expert and I don’t know what is going on in your case but the first thing I feel is detached or disconnected before an episode

it is a year and a half now

Oh wow, well I guess if it was a prelude to an episode, it would have happened. Ya, I dunno then. The only time I have ever felt that bizarre detached disconnected feeling is pre or mid episode

This is the best explanation I have ever come across that fits my situation to a T.

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u mean being in house make us psychotic?

Not a doctor, but I guess it can either come from it or add on to it, centering your attention to it isn’t a good idea, just view reality as normal and continue with your day