Depersonalization (Continued from complete psychotic break post)

Can depersonalization also be a part of a psychosis that is soon to be out of hand. I feel unreal and disconected like the world isnt there. I kinda wanna make a full topic o this.

Sure, though it’s more commonly a sign of extreme stress

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How do you make it stop? It feels horrible

You need to decrease your stress levels. I experienced it a lot after developing PTSD. Nowadays I am a lot better at managing those symptoms and as a result I haven’t had dissociation like that in a long time.

Do you have your illness stabilized? I didn’t see your other post but if you’ve had a psychotic break recently the stress from that could be causing it.

I believe I may have be one if I dont get help.I cant feel the world or myself anymore. I cant figure myself out for some reason.

i just googled inability to feel emotion and depersonalization came up.
Its from having experienced a wide range of frightening out of control emotions while being psychotic, It’s a defense mechanism of some sort. Im under the impression that It can get better but yea I can’t feel anything either. its as though my emotions and feelings have been surgically removed


I just got a new job so maye thats it :frowning:

I guess that makes sese. I really hate this though, I gotta up those meds as well

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Get help controlling this…it can get worse…I don’t think it does for most but there’s a small group of us who have severe depersonalization …I don’t know if its connected and not saying it will get worse but its scary…

Its scary enough already honestly Iwould hate for it to not be able to go away. I just hope meds will help im going tomorrow

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I completely black out and don’t remember anything sometimes…again they may not be related at all…it just feels about the same leading up to it…just escelates to the point of losing hours and wandering around not equipped for the trip so to speak…

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Thats the way im starting to get slowly. What kinds of things can Ido to keep it at bay if you have any tips

I’ve felt a constant detachment from reality since November 2016 and that was a psychotic breakdown that I haven’t recoverd (And most likely wont) also flattening is part of the illness to which is like derealization everyone is diffreint with a diffreint brain what may be a symptom to some is unknown to another there is as many psychotic symptoms as there is people experiencing them.

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