I think I'm psychotic

I feel completely disconnected. Nothing is real. I’m living in dreamland. I am slightly paranoid on and off. And all that dating ? Why can’t I stop. I don’t want sex so why do I chase after them , talk of sex etc I dunno it’s really talking a toll on me.

Honestly it sounds more like dissociation/derealization to me. That does happen during psychosis but it can happen without psychosis as well. If you’re seeing or hearing things (voices) that other people don’t see or hear then you’re psychotic for sure. But generally speaking people don’t think they’re psychotic-when you’re psychotic you mostly believe all the things you’re seeing or hearing are real.

You don’t have to be hearing voices to be psychotic. Call your pdoc and tell him.


@anon80629714 Please contact your doctor ASAP
Good luck

This is exhausting I hate this so much I think
Schizophrenia was correct as paranoia is back.

@anon80629714 I wouldn’t worry about the diagnosis so much.
Paranoia can also exist with Bipolar and a multitude of other mental illnesses.

Contacting your doctor now so you can get the appropriate treatment is what really matters.

I’ve been more paranoid myself lately as I am under a lot of stress.
My pdoc is aware of my situation.


I got an appointment today. Urgh my body just feels disconnected from my mind


chill, let them do the chasing if you want, no pressure, you are a very pretty girl from what i have seen x

Let us know how the appointment goes

Not all schizophrenic fully believe, I mean i go through it everyday, ive learn to understand not everything i see is whats others see or we could be looking at the same thing but they look like two completely different things.

Ive read enough and to learn about what im seeing and hear i just want it to stop. But i always tell my self this is something im seeing on my own right now. Sometime this sticks around forever medication either controls mostly all of it, some of it, less or not at all. So even when we know as you say “its not real” we should be just saying “this is definitely something only i can see” and ive learned for the people you have around you that accept it and are comfortable with this then sometimes its okay to let them know what your seeing or hearing but only if their on the same page with you or your dr.

I know im hearing and seeing ■■■■ and experiencing strangely odd some times very scary and nightmarish things that others cant see here or feel. But for some reason this is how our brains work.

So whats real to us is not always real to others unfortunately

The problem for me is that when I am in that sweet spot where I hallucinate or have delusions but am able to tell they aren’t real, then the drs don’t believe I’m really schizophrenic. It’s tough.

Maybe it depends on where you are or what doctors. Cause ive not only talk to many people who feel the same way but i am to express and explain to people when im not dissociative within when im lucid but hearing and seeing things i can tell the different i know what enemy’s and friends i have in my mind and eye and with in that i know my body is making me experance when im lucid when im dissociated. I cant tell the different cause im not my self. But you can train your mind to see the difference i mean to other people they are not there and they didnt see it and you know only you felt this but you learn the diffence is what im saying unless you just do nothing to help your self at all and it takes all control of you its and illness like controlled cancer that could never go away.

Some people are triggers sometimes. The worst is when your totally obsessed with the person that’s triggering you. I hope the pdoc can help.

I think it is what happened have dating a bunch of shitty guys at least from what you have said before. I’m not good at relationships or whatever but even if you don’t desire sex you could desire romance. I desire a relationship but don’t have any sexual urges anymore thanks to my medicine. You could talk with your pdoc just to be sure that it isn’t psychosis. Either way I wish you the best of luck.

I maybe reaching working on my own grief issues today I thought of this post. Wondered if a dissociation with your own grief process as seem to recall you lost a family member recently?

I know it can happen but i don’t feel this is coneected may have something to do with my med change but i am no expert. What happened dreascape?

Kind of a long story with my own grief issues been a whole complicated grief thing with me. I lost one to many friends and family in a short time. One was a bipolar friend committing suicide. She was an old friend I met up with again at a offline support group. After her suicide a physic student specializing in grief with bipolar came to group so been on my mind today. IDK as I said I may be reaching with it all.

I’m sorry @dreamscape2 must be a difficult time. Was he young?

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I think you don’t have an objective in your life. You are so much decentralised from your life. Cultivate some good habits and learn something new in your life. That will help you to increase positivity. Find out which is your ultimate goal and what you really want in your life. Focus on that aim and work to fulfil your dreams. You can get a motivational counselling as a part of the initial trigger. You will be alright soon. All the best.

Maybe your just lost in a love fantasy lol.