Types of experiences you've had with schizophrenia

I have had dreams and a couple visions that I’ve had before and after I started taking medications and I think I would like to share them. I would like to hear from you guys what kind of hallucinations you’ve had too.

I have felt my bed breathe and I sleep outside my room now because my bed freaks me out because I did a Ouija board on it and wrote something that god didn’t exist and that everything in the world was relative and saw a Baphomet in my room after and it made me repent (kind of weird). I saw a lion that I heard a voice say it was like me and its stomach was full of frogs and holes in its body that became a home for the frogs like a bee hive only made of meat or waxy fungus. Its fur was like the lion scar from the lion king it had a black mane and I remember petting its fur and it raised its lips like i hurt it or it was unused to friendly touch and I saw a tree with bottles hanging from it this was at night and I could still see the colors of the pink green and blue bottles. and the trees bark was like wood that was bare. The bottles were hung up with white string on the branches and I saw a white horse a black bull a pig and a tiger eat from the lions stomach. I saw a light from the window like the suns light but it also looked like a car pulled up and that it stopped outside my apartment and I remember my back pack became a lions head and this whole scene popped up. The last hallucination I want to mention is this warmth I felt like some one put a layer over me of people sleeping comfortably and with feelings of safety and peace when I was in the quiet room of a psych ward after I prayed to god for relief from my hallucinations because they were very disturbing and I slept well the whole night till I was let out.

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I have idiots trying to sexually gross me out all the time

I’ve had an awful lot of sz/sza experiences. From telepathy and mindreading, to paranoia and hallucinations visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile. I get direct messages from the Great Spiritual Entity every single day. He talks to me personally and directly. I’d be lost without his guidance. I used to get mood symptoms but, not anymore. Not for the last eighteen years anyway. I’m still diagnosed with sza though.


can you tell me more about that telepathy and mindreading part?

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you sound ill, maybe you should get yourslef checked into a psych ward for some help


a lot of gross broken monsters chase me around

usually i hear them crying @ night tryna lure me outside, and i get a few visual hallucs when its super dark, like i see their eyes and teeth glint from being wet or i can see their silhouettes against the wall

I used to be happy. Never complained once. I got told to get a job. I’ll do it when I’m better quit forcing it. I don’t tell you what to do.

I have had emotional breakdown…black out…pass out…anxiety…

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