Hallucinations getting physical

Several times now, here are the tales.

Just outside smoking one night. All of a sudden i was shocked, it was an intense shock to, it hurt like ■■■■! At the moment of the jolt a face made of light appeared, it grinned and had fangs. It only lasted for a second though, otherwise i would have been on the ground.

Walking my dog one night. My hand began to burn. I looked at it and there were two marks, they remained for awhile but eventually went away. While my hand was burning though i looked up at the tree i was under and there was another face made of light staring at me, i can’t describe how creepy it really was to see it. And it was close to, right up in my face.

Another night i was outside and i was thinking. I thought about rich orgies and began to laugh at them, like the ones in eyes wide shut. I just started laughing at them. As soon as i did something began to bend my spine backwards. It bent so far back that my breathing began to screw up, i began gasping for air. I couldn’t help it though and i just starting laughing again, i can remember thinking i might die but i really had the giggles.

One day voices began to tell me the cards on a card game i could not see.

And of course i have the clock thing, over and over again they make me look at the clocks at the same times, over and over and over and over and over. Physical!

And then the witch at the bar gave me a “vision” to, or visual hallucination, whatever you want to call it. You should have seen it, it was some evil ■■■■ what he made me see. I wouldn’t have guessed it either but he yelled it in my face after he did it! I probably would have thought my disease was acting up but he just told me “im a black witch!” after causing the visual. Physical physical physical.

My “hallucinations” have repeatedly gotten physical over the years. Even harming me at times as well as other things. Almost all of my visuals are seen by shaman as well as others.

Im a dead man and im getting kicked off a site for “schizophrenia” for being negative.

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It is ok to share your thoughts. It just seems that you enjoy entertaining your own version of reality, giving thoughts that appear to be common symptoms strength as opposed to trying to find rationale and logic. I am not judging you for it. Perhaps others may be a little bothered by the slight incoherent posts. It seems to take plenty of patience to moderate this forum in order to maintain a more constructive environment when it comes to dealing with unusual beliefs. Perhaps you should share something positive you have felt not regarding “them” or the ‘visions’ as a shaman would call them instead of convincing yourself that they are real and everyone who does not believe so is wrong.

I don’t enjoy it.

Im not convincing myself, they are convincing me, sometimes even physically harming me.

I believe that it is real to you. I had some physical attack symptoms for a while. For me, physical symptoms subsided after medicine. But I remember how real the pain was.

My voices also made me feel they were hurting me. Only now I have come to the conclusion it was my body having physical problems…in which the voices lied by saying it was them.

Now I lnow I have specific ailments that result in sharp pain, not lying entities

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Dudes, they bent my spine.

Bent it backwards physically, wtf?

No doubt sometimes delusions seem so real as bluebird mentioned. Try to find something positive about yourself not regarding what is going on. It might help you keep your mind off things if only for a few seconds. I will share a positive thing I find in your posts. You are not afraid to share your thoughts and feelings regarding experiences that are difficult to explain. There are certain things feelings at thoughts that come with our condition that are simply difficult for others to relate to, but know that many of us sufferers have had thoughts that we genuinely believed to be real that turned out to be our minds playing tricks on us. This is most likely your case. That does not mean you are not worth speaking to, nor that you do not belong, only that you are battling with what is real and what may not be. I am not trying to belittle you, at times when I come off as a bit blunt so forgive me if I do. I have to ask, have you been drinking alcohol lately? You mentioned smoking, did you mean tobacco? Are you in a country where access for mental health treatment is readily available?

I know you have talked about this before.
What does your doctor say?

I’m slightly with @Gwen777 on this. I had a bad reaction to seroquel, but I was getting ‘telepathic’ messages telling me what bad physical things were about to happen. The bad physical things were nasty listed side effects of seroquel though.

It’s like my brain knew what was going to happen and was somehow trying to communicate it in way that I found acceptable and believable.

So, if we say that’s at least part of the problem, then I’d seriously look at the listed side effects for whatever meds your on, and consider that the same thing may be happening to you, and then change meds if these side effects are frequent and unacceptable.

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