Acceptable weight on ap?

Anyone has an acceptable weight on ap?mind sharing your tips and what ap and dosage are you on?

I put on 35 kilos on Olanzapine 20mg over two years. Since I have been on Latuda, Abilify, Haldol, Risperidone, and now Amisulpride.

My highest weight was 94 kilos. (My original weight was only 59 kilos)

I have fluctuated over the last five years between 75 kilos and 95 kilos.

I don’t understand it well.

I started landscaping in March and I have lost 12 kilos.

I am trying out swimming at the gym, and hope this will keep my weight down as well as being a hobby

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So what’s your current weight and good job in losing weight

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81 kilos as of yesterday.

For a BMI in the healthy range for my height I need to hit 76 kilos.

I have muscle starting to form but it’s covered in a layer of fat on my front that I hope will go after some time.

I can also feel my rib cage again, and I am fitting better into my medium clothes. I have had to stop wearing a ring as it’s now too big for any of my fingers as it keeps falling off

I think I gained all my weight with olanzapine and maintained an unhealthy 25kg more of fat on abilify.

Everyday I blame myself and try to eat healthy/exercise but I keep being demotivated and finding other things more urgent to do.

My BMI is in the normal range. Just dont snack when you are not hungry, get exercise, preferably something you enjoy and eat sensible portions with meals.

What ap are you on and the dosage?

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I gained 40 kg on 12 mg Invega in 8 years.

Currently Latuda 74 mg. I have been a healty weight on all the aps I have been on, even Clozapine which I was on for about 7 years.

That’s really good cus I gained 40kg on risperidone now I lost 10 of the 40

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I gained 165lb since taking antipsychotics 8 years ago.

Losing 10kg is pretty impressive. I think I would find it pretty hard to do that.

I’ve gained 80 lbs from aps, can’t stop eating sugary foods, gonna die

I gained 90 pounds (40.8 kg) on Seroquel in one year. I’m currently on 75 mg of loxapine and have lost 26 pounds (11.8 kg). Not going to share my current weight though.

The best weight for you depends on your height, not on your medication. Overweight on an AP is still overweight and not good.

On certain APs you may find it much harder to lose weight, or even just hard not to gain it. I myself choose not to be on these APs but some people don’t have a choice because its all that works for them. In this case you need to be really mindful of your diet at all times and try to workout regularly.

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My weight is 56kg now. I want to lose 3kg. I take aripiprazole 15ng and quetiapone 150mg.

I gained 165 pounds in a year and a half. Granted, I needed to gain some weight, but not this much. I’ve been on abilify, risperdal, and Vraylar. I actually lost weight while on Vraylar, but now I’m back on risperdal, so I’ve gained that weight back.

I’m at 177 lbs. I have a pot belly going on. First time in my life for being this ‘plump’. I’ve maintained this weight for 3 months by just watching what I eat and how much I’m eating. Some days it’s more than others!

I used to weigh 170 lbs but since I started Latuda I am just under 230 but I am 6’1” and a guy and 50. I don’t feel overweight but I have a belly. I don’t diet or watch what I eat and I am not getting any bigger so I don’t mind. Latuda helps me.

An acceptable weight on these drugs is 20 and up pounds overweight. Thats what you should expect and thats the reality.