How much weight have you gained from ur ap? Or lost

I gained 70 lb from risperidal and lost one pound on invega since being on it for two years


I gained 30lbs on Zyprexa then 15 more on vraylar.
Since I started rexulti I have lost 15lbs.

My first ap was seroquel. The doc put me on 900mg and I went from 220lbs to 430lbs in two years.


I’m up 60lbs after three separate ap’s. I was another 30lbs higher, but have come down on Rexulti.


How is rexulti working for you?
I love it.

Rexulti is the best ap I’ve tried.

I tend to wake up early (5am) and go to bed early (8pm), but I don’t really mind.


Wow almost 200 pounds from seroquel

Same here I usually am in be old around 9 and wake up at 6 or 7.
I feel healthier on a schedule like that.
The only reason I’m still up is because I’m wired from work.

i gained 10lbs and now im 130 and iv stayed there for 1 year

I wasn’t educated then as I am now, but I ate everything.
I had to get gastric bypass due to my weight.

So in total how much did u loose ?

What ap was that?

im not makeing fun of you at all at least not trying to but damn 430 lbs is alot of weight how much do you weight now .

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abilify 15 mgs !!!

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It’s ok everyone made fun of me when I was that heavy.
I weigh 275 now. I was stable at around 230 for many years till I tried Zyprexa.
I’m trying to get back down to 230 again.
It’s a slow process trying to lose weight.


I was down to 180lbs at about two years but my stable weight is around 230.

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thats much better did you change how much you ate or what you ate? its hard to exercise and having schizophrenia i can only do 1 hour a day

When I had surgery I could only e as t liquid food for about a year.
So I lost weight very quickly.

I try to eat good food and smaller portions.
Now that I’m working again I find I eat less.

I cycle a few times a week, I can ride about 15 miles in an hour.
I also joined a gym so I can lift again.
It is hard to find motivation to exercise.

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I haven’t gained any weight on Zyprexa.

I gained 15 pounds on Seroquel… have lost it since.


Gained 100lbs with clozapine and lithium. I’m getting off of lithium over 6 weeks.
My lack of mobility makes it difficult to lose the weight. I want to lose about 8 lbs a month.


I gained weight because I was young and ignorant.
I had no idea about the potential for weight gain, nor the knowledge of how to beat the cravings with healthy food.