Trying to get over this bad spell

finding it hard just now

Do you take any supplements? B vitamins and l-theanine help me to minimise hard spells.

no just upped my med tho

Yo get some omega 3’s

That’s probably the reason. Buckle up for a bumpy ride for a few weeks if it is the reason.

hocusss pocus ssss

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Hey now, that’s a NAMI link, they know their ■■■■ yo

just another pill to me :confused:

To you, it’s just another pill. It’s actually a component of fish oil, and it’s been shown to help cognitive function specifically and help avoid relapse

i’d rather have some fish tbh, can you eat enough fish? then at least i can say its my dinner lol

I think eating fish helps, but that won’t be nearly as consistent, so you’ll likely not see benefits.

Omega 3’s were the first thing my doctor recommended to me

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i guess i could try it and sarcosine, i want to try that as well and anything else that will help but tbh i had these things in the past and i tried them but i didnt see much difference in me and i stopped taking them, they also cost a lot of money and they tasted weird as well :confused:

Hey. Sorry to hear things are bad right now. I didn’t get any benefit from supplements - but I suppose everyone is different. When things get bad for me not much helps apart from meds and TLC.

last night i had a hard time keeping my thoughts straight but after a sleep i feel a lot better thats why i started the sleep topic, i have been having a bad spell recently kind of up and down but hopefully it will stay good until i am back at college (its a little holiday just now)
as i said before ‘its good to have something to focus on’

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You can get omega 3’s very cheaply. Just remember not to buy advertising

Yeah omega3 helps me a lot. I’m depressed most of the days, and it helps not to dwell on the funk of the brain carnivale