Trying to come down on Effexor

So been well over ten years I’ve been on 300 mgs of effexor. It’s a pretty brutal pill for me but it’s benefits are huge. I do have some serious depression. Still. I’ve been stable so long I’m going to try coming down a bit. My first goal is getting stable on 225mgs then if that goes well down to 150.

I think 150 is a reasonable goal. I know when I miss a dose of effexor because you know about it in the afternoon. It’s withdrawal is real and strong but still hopeful that I can do this. Why not try is my opinion.

Shrink is all onboard so first things first I’ve a script for 75mgs…I just filled two 150’s but that is just how the pills come. Wish me luck. I envisage 6 weeks on 225mgs and if all good will go try 150 is the plan.


You can do this @rogueone keep us updated daily for support and if the depression increases message me any time!

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Remember there is no rush @rogueone

Take your time and it will have a better chance of working.

I have come down on tablets too fast before and it was not good for my health overall

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Hey @Longhorn21 and @Joker . Yeah it’s a bit of a risk because I’ve been stable so long but I think it’s worth a try. Thanks heaps for the support I’ll update you on my progress for sure. Just went and got my script for 75 mgs filled. Tomorrow is d day.


If I may ask… if you been stable for so long while being on them why get off of them?

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Yeah good question. Namely my side effects of IBS. Really noticeable on effexor and I am hoping it will help if I halve the dose. That is the plan. STill. I’m soon to be 50 and I’m hoping my symptoms are pretty stable an I can do this…We shall see. :slight_smile: And I’m just halving the dose. I think 150 would be more manageable fingers crossed.

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Oh okay make sense! Good luck!

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I resent Effexor. I was a normal but definitely anxious person somewhat. A little odd but professional and high functioning. Then I felt this depression that I didn’t feel since I was young (and needed ect when young). I didn’t want that again.

So I went to my doctor. Went on effexor and it started ‘working’ immediately on a small dose. I felt as beautiful as a movie star and bigger than anything. Dr was confused about that and slowly rise me to therapeutic level. I ended up manic or mixes or something. Lamictal and lithium eventually stabilize me somewhat. Never was the same. Was diagnosed with bipolar. It was my first time sick off work. I have been getting less functional ever since.

I had effexor for a couple of years, it was all right but not perfect, then it pooped out, then i weaned of the drug with horrible withdrawal / abstinence, brain zaps, insomnia… Finally my doctor put me on Isocarboxide, and it works even better.

Wish you luck, hope you don’t get any Brain Zaps.

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