Doing Fine. A story of Survival....almost

So into 3 weeks of a lower dose of effexor and doing well. It’s not something I would encourage to try at home but it’s a good thing for me. I got really bad ibs symptoms off of the large dose for years and it’s an educated gamble for sure…

Still. In all this madness I’m doing really well coming down from 300 to 225 mgs. First day was a bit dodgy as you can expect because effexor has such a notorious withdrawal but 3 weeks in and doing well.

So. See shrink in a couple of weeks and plan is to try to hit 150. I think it’s possible. We will see. I’m even thinking if all goes well to try zyprexa from 10mg down to 7.5 but will give it way after I fix this effexor try. Always good to have a good shrink who works with you on things… Shout out to Malcolm. He’s a good one…:slight_smile:


Makes me want to try ADs again. I’m for sure a different person now.

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