Getting My Mojo back!

So had this weird funky winter. Been doing well and taking on a lot of resposibility and other things that really have been keeping me busy. Anyways. Got into a bit of a funk over winter and I was doing all this stuff but I was struggling with self care and other things…

I didn’t really think about it but I think some extra stress coupled with the fact that I’d cut my antidepressant in half over the summer did the trick on me. I think I might have been a little depressed and unmotivated…well enough under some stress to make me fall into some old habits and just stop doing those things I’ve been winning at like exercise.

Thank gawd it’s summer because I’m starting to get my mojo back. I’m more connected and driven and I’m back into my exercise but it’s a long ways to go…you lose condition so quickly at my age but I guess that is the price of halving a big dose of effexor from 300 to 150mgs. You live and you learn and it’s something to watch out for next winter!


Do you find the AD’s have a decent effect on your ability to do things you like?

Seems like you were doing well on half the dose

Sometimes I think that we get ourselves into problems we can easily blame on a med reduction

Are you sure nothing has stressed you that’s underlying?

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I think effexor is the only med I’ve found to eat into my depression. It’s pretty bad so halving a big dose and having a majorly stressful winter with the cricket stuff really just built up on me. I tend to just mosey along doing ok till I hit the wall.

I don’t think I really hit the wall properly but I was definately affected by the med drop. I get bad ibs from the effexor and it’s manageable now on half the dose…I’m sure it’s made a difference because it’s the only thing changed added to a bit more stress…

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That’s good it helps you out a lot. How many did you have to try to find it?

Just got to watch out on the stress, it can make us act out on things and is destructive…

When did you go back up to your full dose?

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I’ve tried about four or so ssri’s and an mao tricyclic to get to effexor. Big problem was I was stable on 75 mgs and went off it for side effects. Came back to it and needed twice the dose so ended up on 300 which is pretty harsh. You miss a dose you know about it within 12 hours.

I do better in summer but next year I’d be inclined if needed to go up 75 to 225 if needed. Hopefully never back to 300. That stuff is brutal but works for me.

It can be a lot of work finding a med that works

I gave up on them, but I do think they help a lot of people

What were the side effects if you don’t mind me asking?

Bad irritable bowel sydrome. It was a nightmare. I’d take 300 mgs in the morning and I’d get to a point where I had to poop. I actually pooped my pants a number of times over the years. It was horrible and embarassing. It’s much better down on 150 but If I need to go I have to go!

It’s also horrible if you miss a dose. On 300 I’d get horrible insomnia and it would trigger paranoia. The joys of psych meds.

Did they not have any counter measures to help you with that?

Sounds horrible

Not on my diet! It was shitty to say the least :slight_smile:

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I have a few very divisive opinions on things like that. When I’m ready for a vacation, I’ll spew them forth. :face_with_monocle:

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