Recently Diagnosed and Lonely, Wondering if this is a disability


Huh, thanks, I will try the niacin maybe… seems like 3 g of niacin is a lot of niacin though. Does anybody else on here have an opinion about niacin?

This was so helpful to read last night. I couldn’t reply until just now, because I am a new user. I’ve been investing a lot of energy into hope for the future, but the voices are so loud and it’s as if nothing helps. I have been doing art, watching tv, reading books, and even exercising regularly, but nothing seems to be working. And yes, I’m taking my meds like I am supposed to.


@velociraptor gave good advices

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Please don’t use 3g of niacin. It will mess up your liver. Niacin is a quack cure for schizophrenia.

Check out this link.


I wish I could give you good advice but you have to take the words of older cases like @velociraptor
I am relatively new to this as well, it’s been three years since I was diagnosed and things seem to stagnate as my dz is a temporary one and it probably will evolve into something else

The most important things I do is to keep my job even if I don’t always like it because it gives me a sense of belonging and a active schedule and to take my meds because nothing is better for a sz then meds. An active life is one of the best things you could have


@naturallycured I deleted your posts. They were inappropriate.

You should write a book on this. I’d read your story. Because of you I’m going to try to get back to writing. Planning my Nanowrimo right now. If I do make it, will be the first time.

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Eh, not that much interest. Most of what you need to know to fight SZ fits on a postcard anyhow. :slight_smile:

Well, I really hope you’ll get back to writing because of YOU. You deserve this for yourself. All the cool things about you are still there, you’ve just gotta do some excavating.

Looking forward to reading awesomeness!



Wow, that’s pretty neat. Yeah, I think my experience is pretty interesting, but it’s also pretty miserable. There’s so much more to it than what I have already said. It’s truly as if the people in my head are conscious and have their own independent thoughts and opinions. They also have names. They talk to each other. It’s terribly interesting, but I have been hearing loud noises pretty much constantly. There was a really weird night in a hotel room that pretty much reminds me of the Shining (one of my psychotic episodes) in which the “bad” voice was a demon, who I outsmarted and so she hurt my eyedrums (they burned a lot, seriously) and her voice slowly faded as my eardrums hurt more and more. There was also an element of romance to it. Incredible. I would read a book about that night. It was something, that’s for sure. And so are my other psychotic episodes. They’re so creative I can’t even believe they come from my brain…


It’s so weird when the voices talk to each other. I overheard one conversation about them “visiting brains” or some such, and another about how I wasn’t that outgoing, but neither is she (the voice,) but she still has parties here and there. Makes me wonder.

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I know I should be able to figure out how to private message but still cannot, lol

Haha yeah I think they’re conscious in a way. I try not to laugh because it’s miserable to live with so yeah I’m sorry if I offend anyone. I tell one of them they’re not real all the time and on more than one occasion, she has said, “oh, thank god,” in response. Another one told me, in short, that all they know is that they live in my head and that they love me/my voice.

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It’s tempting to befriend the voices, but at the end of the day engaging them prevents a person from doing things in the real world.

By the way, new users can’t send DMs (can receive them though.).

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Yes, I’ve already figured that out. The bad one is terrible to me and there’s one whose voice is constant and incomprehensible but very annoying, so I don’t want to befriend them at all.

I’ll message you.

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i’d rather not talk about my ‘vocal thoughts’ as it would probably be against the rules, the mods have silenced me like a robot now, thats how it feels, if i do not comply i will be deleted :frowning:

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I can understand if u feel like its more than just your mind. Its funny when you out smart them and they go quiet. But i dont hear any thing any more really all because of invega. I feel perfectly fine but still wonder if its more than my mind creating all these personalities. Like what makes them want to name there self and be something? And why are they constantly trying to trick us and be mean? I personally think it could be super natural. But whatever we got going on in our head were not alone. As you can see theres other like u and me and i and other people are willing to talk when ever u need. Hope u have a quick recovery :slight_smile:

Is Invega the one you have to have weekly blood draws when you take it?

I hope so too. It’s tough right now.

I think that’s Clozaril/Clozapine.

Nah what insidemind said i think thats clozapine.