Treatment advice on the internet leads to a life-threatening adverse reaction: hypotension associated with Niacin overdose

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This is relevant here because some people think that large amounts of Niacin can help people with schizophrenia - but the research was done 30 years ago and has long since been disproven.

The moral of the story is - don’t rely on very old research, and stay up to date on new therapies for schizophrenia. Don’t use Niacin for schizophrenia - it doesn’t work and could really hurt you.

Like here:

Dr. Hoffer’s cure has not been discredited. As of 2005, the Ben-Gurion University of Israel has presented double blind case controlled studies showing a 90 percent recovery among acute schizophrenia patients using 3 grams of Niacin a day. This is one of a number of case controlled studies showing the efficacy of using Niacin to treat schizophrenia. Are you saying Sarcosamine is superior to Niacin? You could always do both. The APA sponsored two studies on Niacin among Chronic schizophrenia patients. The first one said it did nothing, but the second demonstrated the great effect of Niacin on schizophrenia patients, these were chronic patents. That means to date the APA has two stories on Niacin. Yes, some people recovery on it, but the APA says to reclassify them as having Pellagra, the APA says. Well, do you have schizophrenia or pellagra? You’ll never know until you try two grams or more of Niacin a day. You could take both Niacin and Sacrosamine. Did you know that Niacin is a source of Nitrogen for the body? So is Sarcosamine. Maybe Schizophrenia is a Nitrogen deficiency. Dr. Hoffer received a call from a man who read about his program. When this patent confronted his doctor about it, he was told that vitamins do not work. He hung himself to death! No one should take the hope of Orthomolecular medicine away from people in anguish. Niacin cures 50 percent of Chronic Schizophrenic patents according to Dr. Hoffer and improves almost everyone else. It cures 90 percent of people sick less than a year. Maybe Niacin and Sarcosaine could cure Chronic Schizophrenic patents. A lot of people with schizophrenia are on the sidelines about whether or not to order Sarcosmine. I ordered it, and took it, It tastes exactly like sugar, but made me feel better immediately. That is in addition to my Niacin therapy. I encourage everyone to try it. I got my 40 percent improvement. We are suspicious of the name Sarcosamine. We are suspicious of this product. Is it a safe source of Nitrogen? I so far love it. It is an amino acid, you say, but it is not one on the book of the 20 produced by DNA transcription. So what’s the deal? When are you going to jack up the price on Sarcosamine? Are you holding us hostage for it?

Flax seed oil
and Sarcosmine

Have all been effective at treating Schizophrenia.
Hoffer cured thousands of people with Schizophrenia. He worked in a mill adding Niacin to grain. “Why are adding Niacin to grain?” “To cure Mental Illness.” He went on to become a doctor, and remembering what he did, he used more Niacin to treat us who need more than average people. There will never be another man like this, there will never be another Hoffer. Niacin is the only cure for Schizophrenia, and with every orthomolecular doctor who dies Niacin as a cure is being lost. His work is being lost. I am so angry that you say Niacin does not treat Schizophrenia. It treated mine, immediately and continued to do so. Sarcosamie is a bonus. I strongly recommend it, particularly if you can guarantee me that it is not just sugar.

Have you compared schizophrenia with pellagra?

Social Isolation
Profound anguish and regret.

They are clinically identical! Are they not the same in treatment?

You say Niacin works on a minority of people who try it. I think it has an 80 percent effect on mental illness. Sarcosamine makes Niacin work faster and better. It worked for me. I wish every doctor would recommend Niacin with any mental health treatment. Could you imagine telling patients that they have pellagra instead of schizophrenia? Or how about a Nitrogen deficiency treated by Sarcosamine?

You own page says B3 or Niacin can help schizophrenics. Sarcosamine is an added benefit.

The Orthomolecular doctors were brilliant. They helped tens of thousands of people. I think you should tell people to try Niacin and Sarcosamine.

I do not think that you can discredit Dr. Hoffer to sell more Sarcsoamine. Niacin and Sarcsomine have some things in common. The drug companies would discredit Sarcosmine immediately. No one should be trying to discredit niacin for schizophrenia.

Thank you.

Can you provide a link to those studies?

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Do you really think that anything that cured 50% of people with schizophrenia wouldn’t be taken by everyone here and we’d see a ton of positive reports from people.

We have thousands of people in these forums and many people have (in the past) talked about trying Niacin - and yet nobody has ever reported being “cured”.

And the research also suggests this, when they looked at the “positive studies”:

"It turns out that virtually all trials show serious short-comings: in the number of participants, the presentation of baseline characteristics and outcomes"

Extraordinary claims of a “cure” require extraordinary evidence. Please post it if you have it - but otherwise please stop talking about false “cures”.

At this site - we’re all about things that work - we don’t really care what they are - they could be therapy, medications or vitamins and supplements. We do have a list of some nutritional supplements that do seem to help at least a little for some significant number of people.

Unfortunately, Niacin isn’t one of them that does seems to help. Some experiences from people on these forums who have tried Niacin:


Niacin was crap! Placebo…

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I can’t even take 250mg of niacin without severe stomach pain. I tried it for the heck of it the other month. 0 tolerance to it anymore.

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Sarcosine is pretty cheap. Other companies sell It as well. It’s not like sz.Com has a monopoly on it they just feel it could help.

Sorry for the triple post here. But reading this makes me feel like I was lucky I didn’t hurt myself.

When I was in an acute week long psychosis a few years back after I finally realised the voices and hallucinations I was having were not real. I took like 18,000 MG of niacin in one day without flushing. But the voices seem to of gotten muffled at that point. But yeah I could of done some damage on that one. Would not recommend that.

B6 works better than niacin

I’ve Depression

for Depression I take 20 mg Selegiline - it works like a charm

for Paranoid type Schizophrenia I take 20 mg Olanzapine.

I take 100 mg B6 vitamin daily.

Only these 3 daily.