Truman-like delusion

As some of you know, I have a Truman-like delusion, in which I think the world is spying on me. I’ve made a lot of topics about it. But I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten an answer to the question of the morality of people all invading one person’s privacy, cuz they think that person’s a dickbag. Can you help me out there?


You have a guilty conscience about past transgressions, which is leading to your ‘delusions of reference’ and ‘delusions of persecution’.

Been there…done that…got the T-Shirt.


At least yours is a delusion. Mine is real.

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But is it moral or immoral?

You’re basically responding to your own echo…both of you.

Nothing is going on. You are both pimples on an elephant’s butt.

Of course its immoral. No one has a right to your privacy which I wish people would understand. I’m tired.

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Thanks @anon52450205

Truman show delusion is an unfortunate thing. Your brain is chronically inflamed and generating too much adrenaline which has trouble clearing out. It oxidizes and forms “adrenochrome”, which is the compound responsible for the LSD high, so you’re basically “tripping” 24/7.

Metaphysically, it’s like spiritually gating to the “realm of consciousness”, and you’re generating a very strong “spiritual signal”, so the consciousness layers responsible for the thought processes of beings around you are interacting / “playing” with you, by humoring your crazy narrative.

It can get pretty malicious, for two reasons. One is that your brain is stressed to the limit, so you view these interactions through a negative lens automatically, and two, it’s the worst kind of infringement of your privacy.

I’m doing what I can to break out of it. It’s a grind. Have to heal my gut / brain axis perfectly to minimize brain inflammation. I’m trying to accomplish this while eating fairly average food. Not willing to go all low fat vegan, that’s miserable in and of itself.


I don’t believe that.

Does your doctor support this stuff?

I read that ‘Matrix Delusion’ is the new paranoid delusion similar or an updated form of Truman Delusion. I have ‘Matrix Delusion’. So does Musk apparently as well as multitude of billionaires and silicon valley people. I wouldn’t be surprised if the military is looking or researching the matter. Like trying to help them break out of the matrix. Could be problematic if we found out though.

There are studies that support it but generally orthodox psychiatrists have no idea about the adrenochrome hypothesis. It’s fairly fringe, but it’s the only theory that has made sense to me re. SZ symptoms.

I’ll talk to him about it though. Just give him a rundown of what I’m doing to better my symptoms.


This is the most sure I’ve been that I have sz since my diagnosis :tada:

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Does everyone else think it’s immoral?

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I guess not since everyone is talking about me on tv and youtube.

Of course it would be immoral if everyone was spying on one person and didn’t give them any privacy…but it’s also not true.


It’s the idea that God can see and hear everything you do and think, but taken way too far.

I trust God and some angels to monitor me, but not to the extent it corrupts conversations around me. That’s just nutty.

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I think I see your point.

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Thank you thank you

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Do they broadcast your life on TV? Are they all actors? If not, it’s not truman syndrome