Trigger warning. What has been your worst delusion, why? How did you logically overcome it

Mine is telepathy.


I didn’t know how to disprove it.

I just felt like someone could read me and it was due to an evolutionary leap and they were not telling me.

Very unsettling.

How to make yourself feel better over that?

I personally just had to change stressors in my life I think that helped.

But logically I didn’t know how to overcome it.

Now, my way of thinking about it is, simply, I just don’t believe in it therefore it’s not true.

I know it’s not a strong argument but whilst I’m non psychotic at least, it does seem to work


I had multiple delusions but I would have to confer that people being able to read/control minds was probably the most upsetting. Mixed in with this delusion was the belief that certain people could see through my eyes.

IDK…Like I said, I had lots of delusions, not absolutely sure this was the worst.

As far as how did I “logically” overcome it. I didn’t. Invega wiped this delusion and other delusions from me.


Another extremely upsetting belief was that my food (and beverages)was constantly being poisoned to weaken me mentally as well as physically.

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I only had one delusion, and that was that I was being mind controlled by more powerful minds.

Meds helped the most, take the edge off, but one day I started thinking okay, so I’m being mind controlled, not much I can do about it, and I stopped caring.

I don’t think I am being mind controlled anymore though.

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I thought my enemies were going to hunt me down and kill me

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Logically? With meds.

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That I deserved respect. It took a solid, deliberate effort from people around me to wreck that fantasy.

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I actually was on my medication when it last happened. Frkkn scary I know.

It’s so frkkn scary that this disease can actually CHANGE what we truly believe to absolutely whatever the hell it wants…

Well then you need a med change if it happens now.

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I don’t know if I have had or currently have any delusions. I have hallucinations, some very graphic but I can usually figure out pretty quick what’s really going on. Sometimes I feel like my hallucinations are trying to tell me something but it’s generic things like, “this situation is good” or “that situation is bad”. I have made some of my decisions based on them but they were only the swaying factor after I considered the pros and cons which did not lean one way or another. Some of my hallucinations can make a situation more intense than it probably is.

I may have a delusion that I don’t know about because it hasn’t caused a problem… I don’t know. People are stating things as a fact that certain things they believed were delusions and they definitely sound like they were but what if I have a delusion that is really close to reality and I haven’t gotten into a situation where it has mattered? I’m probably just derailing the conversation at this point. I’ll move on.

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This was at start of 2021,it ended.

I’m okay atm.

But it lets me know, even on meds I can be at risk if not careful.

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No feel free to say anything on the topic.

Thankyou for sharing your personal experience

Delusion of Grandeur was the worst till now, I was so scared when I used to realize in fraction of moments, and then go back to the delusion.
The thing I noticed is it’s just one focused thought not a diverse one.
It happened few months back.
I came out of it by engagement in other activity other the my condition related thoughts.
Phew lucky I am out of that thought.
I kept my mind busy in learning and implementing.

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I like to hear from anyone who thought the Scientologists had the answers

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Brain chip, telepathy, mind control, psychicness, thought broadcasting.

I overcame most of it over time, but under stress it Flares up.

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My worst one was when i thought i could move the sun and moon, it was terrifying, phobia about the sky for a while, i specifically thought i was satan because it happened after i read the bible. i don’t think i did anything to solve it, i already thought how we see reality through windows or points on a grid. so i can still get delusional but nothing complex like Targeted Individuals which is what taught me the windows-of-reality idea. “the map is not the territory” thing i got obsessed about for a while.

My neighbour spying on me and harassing me was my worst. I moved. That solved it.

My worst delusion is my best thoughts don’t matter at all.

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My worst delusion evolved out of believing I was a reincarnation of jesus - and so I brought elements of a scapegoat complex/delusions of grandure with me.

I ended up believing that an ex had been monitoring me ever since we met. That he was now a screenwriter for many popular Netflix shows (consequently written about me and to help me evolve into a better person), he is also a leader in technological development of mind reading and thought control, also his team controlled my body with drones and lasers and have my body hacked.

So eventually, I thought I was part of his sex cult and ended up in polyamorous relationships. I thought I owned houses, streets and towns that weren’t mine. I thought I was going to inherit money, houses, cars if I listened to the instructions in the media, in my head, and that others gave me. I explained this to my friends and family. Eventually I lost everything I’d had in my life that was worth anything.

I’m not fully disbelieving everything happened and still hold some evidence of some of it. I do however realise it’s unhealthy to go down this route or think too much about it.

It was my worst delusion because I split with my husband over it, and was prevented from seeing my daughter for a while. Also possibly important to add I’ve not been diagnosed sz…