Trigger alcohol I want to want to want to

Drink alcohol today

Have a strong craving for it today.

Can it really be that bad

Just half bottle red wine?

Or maybe a whole bottle of red wine? Just today? :sleeping:

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I crave vodka.
The bottle is almost empty.
I haven’t been paid yet from disability.
But i will buy some booze when
I will get paid.
I don’t drink more than two drinks every night

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It doesn’t have the same effect

If It will even have an effect whilst on medication idk

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Oh sorry to hear that.

But is it really that bad for us though.

Especially me on low dose meds

That’s a lot.

Don’t become an alcoholic like me.

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Even if it is just one time?

Are you able to stop there? For me just one more beer turned into one more visit to the drunk tank many nights. Usually putting the word “just” into any sentence with booze is an invitation to disaster for the alcoholic. Do you have any local supports you can reach out to? When I’m craving (still happens occasionally) I chat with a friend in AA or attend an online meeting.


Oh idk maybe it can interact with med I don’t know much about that… alcohol in general though of course not. Everything’s good in moderation I think :slight_smile:

No clue about med interactions tho

It’s a dangerous game. A whole bottle is a lot.

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Have you drunk much in the past Mae, why did you stop?

Yes. And it’s a good indication you are far along the path to alcoholism if it doesn’t seem like much. I would need to keep many bottles on hand as one was too little for my needs most days. And I didn’t think I was an alkie despite slamming multiple bottles of wine by myself in an evening.

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My advice is to NOT have any. If you’ve been avoiding it for whatever reason, don’t give in now.

I haven’t had alcohol in a couple of weeks or so, for my mental health.

I’ve been craving a beer. But you just gotta resist. Sz/SzA peeps are prone to abuse substances or get addicted.

I don’t know what your situation is, but it sounds like you’ve been trying to not have any. So, just keep going. Don’t give into the cravings. :purple_heart:

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I have problems with alcohol, I try to stay away from it, it triggers me and puts me in a bad place.

If you give yourself permission to get drunk this one time, you’re more likely to give in again.


I don’t mix alcohol with my meds because it’s contraindicated and I’m an ass when I drink and I never know when to stop, and, and, and.


You can look up your meds online and see if alcohol is contraindicated

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Nah mate - You will have that half bottle of wine, and if your like me, your resolve will be knackered and you will be at the shop getting another one.

No one can stop you - but its just gonna increase your cravings once your got the taste for it.


If you’re wanting to drink so you can sleep why not try to add some alternatives. A really hot shower. Camomile or mint tea. Vaporub /vix . Etc. I don’t know if you have problems with alcohol if so maybe skip it just for today :slight_smile:

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Look up Craig Beck on Audible “how to quit drinking” - He does free seminars as well.

Once you realise Alcohol is just a poison coming from rotting vegatable matter - and the deviuousness of drinks companys to sell it in colourful bottles, you will see its one big marketing con.


Try non alchoholuc bevvies. Works for me heineken zero :yum: